Here's the LA  Opportunity for Improvement Policy : T his policy applies to: quizzes, tests , discussions, and portfolio assignments.
Quick checks are not eligible for OFI. You can rewrite your writing assignments up to 3 times for more credit. Send your revisions in a Word document and attached to a WebMail.
If you would like to recover points for a previous quiz or test or discussion, you will need to follow these guidelines to get the credit back. You will also have 3 attempts for each assignment.
You can submit OFI for as many quizzes, tests, or discussions as you like. When you are done with your OFI, send it to me as an attachment to a Webmail.
For each question that you got wrong, you will need to answer two questions listed below:
1. What the correct answer is,
2. Why the answer you selected was incorrect.
When writing your answers please follow all spelling and grammar rules and use complete sentences.