Here it is ladies, the well thought out, bout to b


Here it is ladies, the well thought out, bout to be off da chain, schedule for Homecoming 2000. Ya’ll hoes better have yo’ mind right, and yo’ money tight, aiight. Monica, if you could, print out a copy of this for Keisha, with her no email address having behind. The ones with the asterick beside them, Melissa may not be able to attend (BIG MOMMA). The ones with two astericks, I think me and Monica have to attend. If anybody else is trying to roll with the click this year ...this is how it’s goin’ down!!!

(yea, my schedule starts with Wednesday,

I don’t care what ya’ll heifers do before I get there)

Event Place Price Time Attire

Dorm Step Show Gaither Gym Free 6-8pm chill

Consenting Adults* Sloppy Joe’s 5-10 12-2am cosmo


Homecoming Coronation** Lee Hall Free 8-10 semi-


Coronation Ball** Grand Ballroom Free 10-12 " "

Da’ Club* Club Park Ave. 5-10 12-2am chill


Set Day The Set Free 12:00-until chill-

Greek Step Show Gaither Gym 10-15 3:30pm

Rattler Strike Pep Rally Intramural Field Free 7:30pm chill

Somebody’s Party* Somebody’s Club 10-20 12-2am ???

(I would put the parade on here, put ain’t nann one of us getting up to go to no parade)

Event Place Price Time Attire

Football Game Bragg Stadium 15-25 (non-students) ‘nelia

Battle of the Bands Bragg Stadium after game

After-Game Congregation Mall (if it’s open) Free after game

Homecoming at the Moon* Moon 20-30 12-2am cosmo


Church * Tabernacle/CNLT Your heart’s desire 10:00

Phat Kat Moon 20-40 6-9pm cosmo

Ladie’s Night Melissa’s House Free 10-until t-shirt &

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