Gun Control

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Gun Control

The idea of gun control and regulation is becoming more and more popular throughout
the U.S., although it may still bring up resistance among some people. Guns are
sort of a foundation of American culture. This country’s freedom was won over
bloody and "heroic" wars with guns. Guns are portrayed throughout
television, movies, and video games. Guns are a popular symbol of power,
control, authority, dominance, and can be associated with security and defense.

The role guns play in our society is a highly controversial debate. I will
support the gun control and regulatory side of this topic as a short-term
realistic goal. There are both avid supporters of the 2nd amendment guaranteeing

American citizens the right to bear arms, and there are people who strongly
disagree with the widespread use and availability of guns to youth and
criminals. Those in favor of open gun use are often motivated by the 2nd

Amendment, and the right many claim to hunt, protect the home, or for defense
against potential militias or government overthrow. The motive behind proponents
of gun control on the other hand, is to restrict accessibility to guns to
prevent violence and death in our society. My position ultimately, with
relevance to our presentations in class, is neither an attempt to persuade or
convince anyone to use guns nor to control and restrict them. From here however,
let me tell you that guns play a role of non-importance in my life, and
therefore I have sought out a reasoning that has led me to favor a world with no
guns altogether. This may sound rather idealistic or radical, but it is
necessary. Our world is in need of a profound, collective reformation where
violence and guns are concerned – particularly in the United States. This is
my long-term goal of potentiality. Firstly, the extent of gun violence is
tremendous, primarily in the U.S. among all other industrial nations. Next to
automobile fatality, gun violence is the second leading cause of death by injury
in the U.S. It should become first by the year 2003 unless something is done to
prevent it. In the early nineties for example, four states – Nevada, Virginia,

Louisiana, and Texas had trends of gun injury as the top cause of death. This
type of violence it seems is almost as epidemic as AIDS is in causing death.

That is a very scary thing to consider. ( The National Center for

Health Statistics reports that firearms have taken the lives of 35,957 people in
the U.S. in 1995. There is a 21.5% firearm fatality increase since 1985. And, of
these fatalities, suicides rank first at 18,503 people; homicides second at

15,835 people; unintentional shootings next at 1,225 people; and 394 were
undetermined. ( Now I would like to demystify several arguments used
against gun control. The first one assumes that gun control won’t stop gun
violence or crime. Most criminals get guns through legal means contrary to what
the gun lobby says to justify having a huge availability of guns. This is proven
by the Criminal Justice Research Center. They apparently surveyed that only 27%
of adult inmates and 43% of juveniles have bought handguns illegally on the
black market. On the other hand, of these inmates, 69% of adults and 55% of
juveniles obtained guns through means like retail, gun shops, private owners,
friends or family. This confirms that most guns are gotten legally through
controlled methods. ( Also, the FBI has received reports of a median
number of about 274,000 guns stolen yearly from ’85 to ’94. This points out
that the guns sold by owners and dealers are a risk to us and can be regulated
to lower crime, murder, suicide, and other fatalities. ( Is owning a
gun really a constitutional right? The 2nd amendment of the constitution says:

"A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the
right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." The

Supreme Court made clear in its 1939 case decision of U.S. vs. Miller, that the

2nd Amendment doesn’t protect possession of a firearm unless there exists some
type of reasonable relationship in preserving a militia. Currently, the National

Guard is regarded as today’s form of militia. ( Also equally
impressive is that in all Supreme and Federal courts, since the Miller decision,
no gun control laws have been shot down on the case of the 2nd Amendment. And
particularly lower federal courts have never supported firearm possession as
being a fundamental and

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