Gambling, to bet money on the outcome of a game, contest, or other event. To take a
risk in the hope of gaining an advantage; speculate. Gambling has many advantages as well
as disadvantages. Children will be neglected and crime rates will increase. Nevertheless,
aid in cutting the island's budget deficit and dropping the unemployment rate are just some
of the examples that we can benefit from gambling. Should Casino gambling be legalized?
That is the question that the people are pondering.
???? There are many important reasons for opposing gambling because of its severe social
consequences which ravage society. Gambling can get addictive and hurt people
financially, emotionally, and yes, even physically. People will gamble away everything they
have and everything they can get their hands on. When addicted gamblers no longer have
money, they would do anything and everything they could to get money so they could
continue gambling. Selling their cars, betting their houses and in history when gamblers
did not have possessions or properties, they would even bet their wives. Gambling may
also increase the crime rate, which would be another expense for the government. The
sour truth does not end here. Gamblers would neglect their children, leaving them at home
starving without an adult attending to them.
???? In the tenth commandment, God condemns the desire for that which belongs to another
person, whether people or things. Jesus asked, "For what is a man profited, if he shall gain
the whole world, and lose his own soul?"? Gamblers are people who are not content with
what they have and who are determined to get what they do not have. The greatest
tragedy is that those who gamble are often trying to get the money that belonged to those
who could least afford to lose it. Whatever someone wins through gambling is won at the

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cost of someone else's loss. Any advancement that takes place at the expense of another is
???? Every time a gambler reads about someone that has killed himself because of gambling
losses, or that a family has been destroyed because of gambling losses, that gambler should
understand that he participated in that tragedy, and that any money he has won through
gambling may very well have been money lost by that person whose life became a terrible
???? Looking at gambling at a different perspective. Everybody knows by now that our
government's budget is like a "waterloo." The only thing flourishing is our unemployment
rate, that's bursting off the charts. Many unemployed citizens can't even afford to eat,
therefore, they seek aid through our government via food stamps. Our tourism has
???? With an expected increase in the population by the year 2000, the government might
want to legalize gambling. This would increase our tourism, drop the unemployment rate,
and decrease the government's budget deficit. After conducting a few interviews with
tourists, my numbers showed that legalizing gambling would increase our tourism
industry. Three out of every five tourists interviewed would love to engage in gambling
while on vacation.
???? The government may also use gambling as another means of income. The government
could lay a high gaming tax. Legalizing gambling would give many job opportunities for
the citizens, therefore, lowering the unemployment rate. In lowering the unemployment
rate citizens will not need financial aid from the government for food, thus decreasing food
stamp recipients. Gambling could also decrease the crime rate. With the revenue that the
government can attain from this gaming phenomenon, we will be able to afford? recruiting
more police officers. Legalizing gambling can help revitalize our state