From the time I was nine or ten years old, I have had many adult responsibilities. My parents are not always able to do the normal functions of the household, so I had to learn at an early age. My three responsibilities include cooking, cleaning, and taking care of my dog, Libby. Looking back now, I really have had an advantage from doing chores around my house. I feel it gives me a head start for when I am out on my own.

I have been cooking dinner for my family since I was ten or eleven. My dad started teaching me, and before long, I was cooking by myself. Since I have been cooking for so long, now I can just cook what sounds good to me. I love to experiment when I cook. Cooking is something that not everyone can do. Along with cooking, I also do most of the shopping. Doing the shopping entitles me to plan the dinners, pick up the necessary ingredients, and then cook it. Doing this has taught me to be responsible with money.

Cleaning is another thing I do around my house. My main priorities consist of my bedroom, the bathroom, and the kitchen. Even though I am supposed to clean all three rooms, often I just try to work on my room. With the basic cleaning I do, I also sweep the floors, do the laundry, and dust. Being busy myself, I almost never get everything done. Cleaning is a very important task to acquire.

Taking care of my five year old dog Libby can be a real chore, also. I have been responsible for her for the two years she has been in our household. There are several things I have to do for her on a daily basis. For example, making sure she has plenty of food and water, taking her outside, morning through night, and also trying to spend some time with her. I have to admit, having her can get expensive at times. Every year I buy her registration tags and take her to the veterinarian to get her shots and various pills she might need. As needed I buy her food, treats, and toys.

Having all these responsibilities, I feel will help me in the future. Sometimes, of course I get sick of doing all these things, but knowing how to do all these things, will really be beneficial to me both in college and after.