Food, Shmood!

When I think of my parents, I think of them being as my "employer". If you do
something to hurt your employer they will hurt you right back if you get caught hurting
them. Now in other peoples lives their parents are also their employers but their employers
don't care what their employees do. In that case you can not blame the kids because as my
father always says what goes in comes out. The employer gets drunk every night making
the employees do work, the employer is not going to give a care what the employee does
if he gets the job done or not. Now if the employer cares what goes on and shows a good
work ethic, they run the show. The employee does a good job they get a bonus or what I
call privlidges. The boss says you did a bad job, you do it until you get it right. You are in
it to please the boss and if you don't you can't find a new job or a new boss so you got to
work it out. If the boss lets you get away with the minimum then it is their fault because
they are the boss and they can do what ever they want. They own their employees. The
employees cheat their employers sometimes but the diciplen is up to the boss. It is not the
employees fault they don't get punished.

If the boss started cutting off the food supply if employees did bad work then it
looks like the employee should get working. If they don't let them eat at all then it is
immoral. They could put the future of the human in danger. But in that aspect they could
strengthen them at heart making them have a better look at the work force. In situation the
parents biggest job is to provide for their kids the way they think is best. If their way is
wrong and they are not aware of it then someone should get them help.