First Stand
Many issues plague the world today. Questions arrive about how people should live, who should
control the most power, and many other questions that Americans have spent all their lives trying to
answer. This isn't an essay where I try to answer all those questions, but how I stand on certain issues like
war, wealth, social status, education and finally technology. All those issues get even larger where even
more questions arise. Those 3 sections are Political, Social, and Economical. War covers many issues of
wars being prevented and how wars should be dealt with. Wealth is all about people who earn the money
and people who just inherit it while social status is all about how people live their lives at different ranks.

Education, everyone needs it to get a halfway descent life today. Technology will be the most important in
the future because it could be the answer to most of our problems.

The single word that most Americans know and sometimes fear is WAR. It hurts, maims, and kills
millions of Americans. And why are wars started? Because some power hungry dictator wants more space,
money or natural recourses. I think that a lot of the wars that we have had in countries could have been
prevented. Especially with all the new technology we have today. Back when it was George Washington
leading his troops there probably wasn't anything that could have stopped that. I think most of the violence
in wars can be prevented by just sitting down and looking at all the problems and what the different
countries want. If two sides are at war I think it is the United States' responsibility to get between those two
sides and stop them from going to war. If the two sides are stronger than the U.S then the U.S should stand
down. Then and ONLY then. Some people say that God made us a violent species but I don't believe that.

If God made man a violent species, then how could we h!

ave achieved peace and prevented many wars? How could we join in allegiances with our neighbors? If we
could just set aside all the things that make us different, we could stop all the violence at once. The
violence over the seas and the violence on the streets. Every country is always either preparing for war,
having a war, or recovering for war. Some people that analyze wars say that war is a way of keeping the
population down. I think this is a pretty dumb idea but it does have its good sides. Just like any other topic
War has it's ups and downs.

Some people say that this next topic makes the world go ?round. Money, and the distribution of
wealth. Most people in the U.S are middle class, and in the world most are lower class like in countries in
Bosnia and Serbia where everyone is suffering. However a lot of people that just inherit all the gold and
riches don't do anything whatsoever to earn the money. Princess Diana for instance, she came from a poor
family and just happened to get lucky that prince Charles liked her. Since some people are a lot better off
than others I think that the people with more money should be taxed more heavily than the people with out
a lot of money. If everyone is taxed the same, then the people with a lot of money will still live great but
the people with no money are going to go even lower in the money status classes. A lot of the people that
live in big industrial cities like San Francisco say that all the homeless people lying around in the parks and
other places are very inconvenient.!

It makes the city look trashier than it really is. People from out of state look at these great looking cities on
postcards and want to go there but then once they are there they look around and see homelessness and
trash littering the ground. I think that the homeless are on the street because they gambled their lives away.

The government shouldn't be giving them any extra tax dollars just for being homeless, they should get up
off the ground and go get some jobs. Even working at a place like Burger King for minimum wage is better
than sitting on the street begging for hand outs. Most governors are trying to end the homelessness in most
places but some are just blaming the surroundings like