Feminism: Beyonce / visual arts
In the present decades unlike the past, the word ‘feminist' has become a title to brand anyone who talks and writes about the feminine sex. After all the term is dynamic and it is always discussed and conferenced by both sexes in media and even the internet. Hence, the effect has taken its tall and feminism is now just knowing about and believing it, that all are equal but not taking any measures and fight to it. However being a feminist means being an activist of the feminine sex- not that the men sex is to be hated-by believing and having a stand for it that all the sexes are the same and equal in all categorical grounds. This will bring the diverse sex to one ideology and make each and every one a feminist, who understands what he/she is up for.
Background information
In a civilized and competitive world, every person needs to struggle and earn something to make a life out of it. But due to differences, most need to gain an added advantage to the other and be tamed better or best. This brings others especially the weak in a stance that they need to depend on the stronger ones and at most times the feminine sex are at most branded the losers and supporters to the winners-the male sex. However civilization came in and made things not obvious. The female also needed a win. She needed to be active and be at a situation to be able to change positions with the other sexes (Kolmar, Wendy & Bartkowski) .
Significance of the study
It is will be important to know and h ave an idea of feminism and also the research will be able to give out a turn weather to move on with the movement for those who have started one or not.
The purpose of the study/problem statement
The cause for the study is to find out whether feminism should or should not be a topic to base on in the now world. And even so is the common civilian able to be really a feminist or go by the anthem of the song flawless by Beyonce.
The gender equality issue has always been an issue to address and every person should tr y and act to promote its growth.
Feminism is being an activist for gender balance in resources share allocation not based on any lifestyle grounds . Beyonce song flawless defines a feminist as ‘the person who believes in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes (Adichie 86).
Literature review
After struggle by feminists with much talk and writing on gender equality there has been a rise to movements formed to fight and air out why the society should consider for the gender fairness . Even so the recent renowned feminist artist Beyonce a pop singer aired out why we should be all feminist by her definition in her song flawless she also adds that being a feminist shouldn't be put much on and just believes in equality for men and women (Jones, Amelia) . This has be en the talk to many and should continue as so to make the fight less hard . This may be so by also acting for the call. Latoya Peterson sates in her article that interse c tionality is a framework for understanding how a variety of oppressions can intersect, and one that surrounds political activism making sure it works as many authors have emphasized for action like in the novel ted talk by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie . After all we are all feminists (Adichie 26 ) . Feminism at most times has also be en based meagerly on the sexual harassment and brutality of the male sex to the female. With such it has also impacted on the heterosexual sex who are also included in the fight for feminism as they need equality and a non-discriminative working environment (Jones, Amelia). Some governments have even gone fourth to legalize the heterosexual sex due to the movement. Judith Butler in her book feminism and the subversion of identity has highlighted the views of lots of authors who have given