Essay writing
Ismah Syifa Ananta R
Nabila Alifa Kayoshi
Rizkiah Nadhiroh Nasution

Living in a capital city is a dream for most of people. You can see many fascinated things, such as high building , mall and modern transportation in the city. Padang is one of cities with a special status as the capital city of West Sumatera. Although Padang is not a metropolitan city, but Padang is a good city for living . Job field availability, its status as a center of education and the advancement of medical equipment are the three main reasons why living in Padang is advantageous.
First, field job availability in Padang is high . People can get a job easier. Many people who live in suburb will get more chance for getting a job if they move to Padang . Even students, who graduated in Padang itself, will decide to keep staying in order to get a job. In addition, nowadays, after the damage that was emerged by earthquake, Padang has started to develop the city in order to be a n interesting city . So, many workers are needed to build the city.
Second, Padang is known as a center of education in West Sumatera. T here are some favorite school s , universities and high quality course s for student to choose. For instance , UNAND ( Universitas Andalas ) is included as top ten universities in Indonesia and also followed by UNP ( Universitas Negeri Padang) which is accredited A by BAN-PT. In order to get a chance to study in these universities, students usually go to the course in Padang too because the tutors are generally studying there, so they can share more tips and experiences.
Third, Padang has several hospitals which have advanced and complete facilities. If you get a serious disease while living in Padang , you do not need to spend much time to go to the far hospital because, even , international hospital -S emen Padang H ospital - is ready to treat you. Moreover, Padang also has some big hospitals which are cheap er than the international one , but facilitate y ou well, such as RSUD M.Jamil and Ibnu Sina hospital.
To summarize the information that has mentioned above, Padang provide s some easiness if you are living there. J ob field availability, its status as a center of education and the advancement of medical equipment are the top three reasons overall .