Emily Jimenez
Psychology 100
APSP Assignment
February 20, 2017

Stuck with Low Self-Esteem?

A person with low self-esteem typically feels unworthy, incapable, and anything that can possibly come to mind when you for example, have felt blue or simply dull. All causing, the person to feel poorly about him or herself, these feelings may actually cause the person's constant low self-esteem, " self-esteem is a personality trait like neuroticism and extraversion". People with neuroticism tend to have more depressed moods, and people with extraversion enjoy being with others, socialize, and are full of energy.
Studies show that self-esteem has a lifespan, in which increases from ages, 16 years old to 51 years old, followed by the decrease in ages 51 years old to 97 years old . Although men typically report higher levels of self-esteem than women, gender does not have a strong impact on self-esteem. Both men and women tend to show increases in self-esteem from adolescence to midlife and then a decrease occurs when old aged is reached. Ethnicity has a minor contribution with self-esteem, ethnic minority groups tend to show a different pattern of self-esteem in comparison to majority ethnic group members.
Common research finds self-esteem to influence life outcomes, although the evidence on the causes of it are still limited, perhaps future research should take in consideration self-esteem development in relations to close relationships in a person's daily or common routine. That leads to the different ways self-esteem can be contributed to the following: The first is the stability produced by cognitive biases which is, selective attention to positive vs. negative information about one as an individual and the subjective stability part of self-esteem, which connects to social acceptance, successful life experiences or anecdotes. The fact that self-esteem has a constant rise and fall within the lifespan suggests that it cannot be explained with biases like above.

The way I would start with approaching someone who believes their self-esteem will never increase would be like the following:

I would first start by telling them that there are different reasons for him or her feeling so poorly about themselves. Low self-esteem begins with a lifespan, many researchers believed that self-esteem did not show any change at any point in life which was incorrect. An increase of self-esteem is commonly shown throughout ages 16-51 years old, and a decrease between ages 51-97 years old. My friend would most likely meet the age range of 19-22 years old, so perhaps he or she would not believe me since research shows that at their current age their self-esteem should be in a positive level.
A continued explanation would be by also explaining the possibility of it being a gender and ethnicity situation. It can possibly be something to do with gender since men tend to have a higher levels of self-esteem than women do. It can also be his or hers ethnicity, being the style in which he or she live by.
Self-esteem can also go about the way you perceive your environment and daily life-style. I would ask him or her about their daily routine and how do they approach situations. For example, a question I could possibly ask is, do you normally respond to situations or people positively and willing to interact or do you feel forced to speak to people or not in the mood to do so? Depending on the response I would then explain how either or is a personality trait one being a neuroticism and the other being an extraversion.
Lastly, I would mention the fact how anything that happened throughout his or her adolescent life can affect the way he or she goes about with themselves, meaning development in health, and relationships with family, school, work etc.

At this point my friend would most likely be speechless, the reasons because, he or she probably did not know everything I mentioned above could be the reason(s) for his or her self-esteem being so low.
I would now ask him or her to evaluate themselves, does anything I just mentioned to you seem to connect in a way or did any specific person or situation come to mind while listening? If so, why do you think