Ed Ryan Pinol
English 1301
Dr. Corbin
2/ 14 /2017

Essay One Assignment Parameters
This memoir will show how an obstacle had a great impact in my life. Whether to pursue on my goals or let the popularity of a sport to over shadow the hard work and sacrifices that I've made my whole life . This test will show you how it change d my personal perspective about my ability to adapt and disregard my goals that I obtain for a long time . Going back to middle school is where most of that life changing decision I made originated from . Disregarding basketball was probably the worst decision that I have ever made, because it changed my identity and my mindset .
To be gin with, I was born and raised in California where I sharpened my skills as a basketball player. My whole life was centered between my family, god and basketball . I was never a two-sport athlete, so for me to give up basketball is just an uncharacteristic decision f or me. I remember the first time I heard that my family and I were moving to Texas my heart torn into pieces . It was like the most indecisive felling that I have ever felt in my whole life. I was not sure whether I should be happy because it's a great opportunity for my dad or be selfish and think about my basketball career.
I use to remember my parents talking to me that a true athlete will be able to adapt in any environment. They said "you think most of the NBA ( Nation Basketball Association) player s gets to choose their favorite team?" knowing myself I act like I know everything and told them "Lebron James was born in Cleveland and look at him now he's the best thing that Cleveland could offer." So, my parents told me that one faithful evening it's up to you if you want to come with us. As I looked back to my philosophy I did said that family is always first my offence. A day later I told my coach that I'm moving to Texas. I felt guilty telling my coach that because he had a plan for me to succeed as a basketball player. He put me in varsity even though I'm only in middle school, he used to tell me "by the time you're done with me, you're going to be holding that Larry O'Brien Trophy (NBA Champions trophy) thanking me." And that was one of my motivation to go to the park after school every day and play ed 5 on 5 with people who were twice my aged and height.
Five months later we moved to Houston, I wasn't certain what to expect because I never been outside of the state of California. It was very different; the weather was hot and humid and the people was different too. I thought to myself "Is this hell? Did I die and now I'm right here in Satan's world?" The very first day we went to the YMCA (Youngman Men's Christian Association.) to get my membership. I looked to the gym and it wasn't as big as I imagine but I didn't go there for the gym, I went there for their court. As I pecked slowly to the court there was hardly anybody playing basketball. It was the emptiest court I ever seen. In California, there's at least five or ten people in the court every day, so I thought to myself maybe this is a great opportunity for me to train and practice my moves that I haven't mastered yet. After spending 3 hours in the court nobody showed up. So, I went to the track because I need to work on my stamina.
I couldn't believe my eyes there were at least 50 people in the field playing football. And it was during the summer where is like 500 degrees outside. As I walked into the track this one team need one more person for them to complete a team, so they ask me if I wanted to play ? At first I wasn't interested but I was really bored