Ed Ryan Pinol
History 1302
History common Assignment.
Europeans have been fighting among themselves for hundreds of years and it's time for that fighting to end. With the League of Nations, Woodrow Wilson will help ensure that the world will live in peace. If all the nations of the world work together, then they will have no reason to fight again. But this is not what the founding father wanted and George Washington himself said we should stay neutral in every war. Signing the Treaty of Versailles and joining the League of Nations would be a terrible mistake. The United States has enjoyed a long history of keeping to itself. Our first president, George Washington warned us against joining alliances with other countries because it would have terrible results. How did World War 1 start in the first place? It started because of many complicated alliances between European countries. Joining an international organization will surely send us into another terrible war. Why do we even need to be in that situation anyways? The war is over and it's just fueling the Germany to start another war which they did.
The anti-Versailles seem to make sense because President Wilson didn't really do anything as a president. He is considered one of the worst president in some people's point of view.