Dress for success

Is dressing up important for success? Nowadays, people judge others based on their appearance. Dressing up well can effect on the wearer and observer. I always notice how people react to me when I wear clothes with different colors and style. Dressing well lead s to create good impression to other, express respect and make us confident .
First, d ressing up well can c reate good impression to others . Many people who go for jobs' interviews , they always take care of their appearance. This can increase their chances to be h ired than the people who don't. Even though some people have good communi cation skills, they still need to dress well in many situations. Dressing up well can send a good visual message to observers .  
Second, d ressing appropriate clothes shows the respect for the people and situation that we are in. I work in office as a data entry and I always dress suit and make sure that my clothes are clean. I believe what I do always shows the company's administration and staff that I have respect for all and the place I work in. Wearing suitable clothes expresses the reverence to others .
Third, dressing well can make us confident. If we change the style that we use, the way we feel will also change. When we dress well we will feel better and be confident. Dressing well can affect physically and mental on us so we can look good and be confident.

Some people state that dressing well doesn't make any change or increase the chance of success as the moral and communication skills do . However, the observer s will not only listen to your words, they will also look to your appearance which it can create good visual impression . Celebrities always dress well and follow the fashion. They know that what they wear is can affect positively or negatively on people points of view.

Finally, dressing the appropriate clothes can leave good impression to people, send a strong visual message to them, and show the respect to them and ourselves. Many researchers state that effects of dressing well can be much internal as external. Dressing well can have good results that can be added to our characters so we can be more effective on others and successful .