December 19 , 2017
Efficiently Getting a Passport
Traveling around the world is not as traveling in your home country . Many people may want to travel out of their countries for different purposes like vacation, tourism , curative , job, or immigration . In local traveling, you often use ID for showing your identity. Countries' governments have established passports as they are travel documents that certify the identities and nationalities of their holders. Although some people think the process of getting a passport is complicated, it can be easier and faster getting a passport by gathering required documents , preparing application and fees , and attending interview .
Gathering required documents is the first step to efficiently get a passport . Documents like birth certificate and estate ID . They have to be original copies , otherwise they will reject. Attach with the original copies black white copies for all documents and two passport photos for you. My friend lost the original copy of the birth certificate so the USCIS informed him to apply for a birth certificate then he could come back to apply for a passport.
Preparing application and fees is the second step to apply for a passport. Passport application is free and you can download it online then print it out or go in person to any post office and obtain one for free. Application should be filled with the correct and exact data as in birth certificate and it must not be singed. My cousin forgot to read the application instruction as he applied for a passport for the first time and signed the application. This led to that USCIS reject his application and asked him to start over again with new application . Attached the cash money or check with the application. Find Post office nearby and submit all documents in person. The post office clerk will give you back the original copies after he confirms them. Collecting all needed documents is the first thing you should do.
Attending an interview appointment is the last step to efficiently get a passport . After USCIS reviewing your documents and confirm s your eligibility , it will schedule you for an interview appointment. You should be prepared and organized. There will be so easy questions and you will be asked to do fingers print. After all that you will be notified with the date that you will be received your passport. USCIS sometimes takes four to six weeks to print your passport, so you should apply for a passport weeks earlier from your trip.
While some people think procedures of getting passport are hard and confusing , it can be efficiently easy by gathering required documents, preparing application an d fees, and attending interview . Some people said that they didn't need passports but unexpected things happened and they changed their minds. They needed to be more extra fees for expedite the process of issuing passports.