Death Of A Boy


Death Of A Boy
The storm of the battle swept. Stars of heaven Kept. Upturned faces through the
night. Mangled corpses in the light. Pale stars faded, morning broke. Then death
awoke. Golden hours, bright summer day. The dead unburied bodies lay. Stark and
cold unceased prayer. Hide them from the Staring sun and air. Possesion of that
won plain. Denying burial of our slain. Night round them so holy, so calm.

Moonbeams hushed prayer and psalm. Apart from all the rest, Fair young boy put
to the test. Death touched him gently, as if he sleeps. Mother suddered, slumber
calm and deep. Marble limbs so perfect, passionless repose. Matchless purity
unpitying foes. Broken, Lifes story told. Did his duty, deaths-tide rolled.

Midnight garment of stars. Hung the fiery planet Mars. Sound of foot steps,
voices low. Leaves murmuring flow. They pass the corpses on the ground. Hand in
hand never looking down.

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