Dark Angel Bookreport

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Dark Angel
By: L.J. Smith

Chapter 1 -- This story starts out with Gillian Lennox walking home from
school. Gillian was going to get ride from a friend but she
had already left. When she reached the wooded area she heard
crying. She went to investigate. She followed the sound to the
creek where she lost her balance and fell in the icy river.

Chapter 2 -- She worked her way over to the left bank and grabbed some
roots as she went by and she was able to hold on and pull
herself out of the river. She was now trying to find a way out
of the woods. She had trouble walking so she took off her
jacket, but she still kept on falling. She finally sat down
and fell asleep, waking up to a girl who was she. Gillian saw a
tunnel and rushed toward it. She realized she was dead.

Chapter 3 -- Next thing Gillian knew she saw an angel. This angel gave her a
choice. He said that it was not her time and that she had the
choice on whether to go back or stay. She decided to go back.
When she got back to the place she had left, the angel told
her which way to go. When she got to the road she waved down
the only car on the road it was David Blackburn. He got her
in the car and started to drive her home, when she realized
she had forgotten about the cries she heard in the forest.
She told David to stop but he kept driving.

Chapter 4 -- As David got her in the house, he promised her she would never
have to walk to school again, he would give her rides. He
started to get her a bath and get her undressed when David's
girlfriend, Tanya came in and told him she would take care
of Gillian. David called the police and got her some chocolate.
Tanya asked him how old that he thought Gillian was,
he said 13, but she was not she was a junior in the same high
school that David and Tanya went to. When Gillian got them to
leave, her mother came out and asked what was going on.
Gillian just said nothing and went to bed. She fell asleep
questioning herself about life and death. Later she woke up
to a strange light.

Chapter 5 -- But it was not a light it was a presence. She looked in the
corner and saw the angel. He talked to her about how he had
saved her from freezing. He was also her guardian angel.
He knew her desires and told her that he could make David fall
in love with her and make the whole school think she was hot.
In return all she had to do was trust him. He said to prove
that she trusted him, to go get a pair of scissors. She went through with it and got her hair cut, even though in the end it looked terrible. She awoke in the morning, her parents had left but her friend Amy was there. When she saw Gillian she screamed.

Chapter 6 -- Amy was surprised at Gillian's new look. So was her mother. Since Gillian's hair was uneven, her mother fixed it. Gillian asked her mom where her dad was, her mom said he left. When she went and got dressed, she dressed differently, almost sexy like. Gillian was going to get a ride with Amy, but David showed up and reminded her about his promise. He also pulled over and almost kissed her.

Chapter 7 -- David and Gillian finally arrived at school after saying that it was not right because of Tanya. Many people stared and laughed but mostly the guys stared. In Biology class, she asked the teacher for a book and notes. He had no idea who she was at first. All the guys in the class raised their hands in class to volunteer to share notes with her. Guys were talking to her, asking her to parties.

Chapter 8 -- All day through school Gillian was bombarded with letters of offers and help. In lunch she sat