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Women and Children
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Trafficking is an issue that is international meaning all over the world. There are more than 50,000 women and children that are trafficked in the United States according to one study. (Holman, 2008) The victim s of sex trafficking are usually labeled as deviant and or prostitutes. Whatever lead women into trafficking and the factors that caused them to stay, society has no clue of understanding the problem. To understand the victim's view, we use qualitative one-to-one interviews, looking at previous research on sex trafficking and work through sociological theory. All the women have different experiences, but unique. They need more resources available in the form of housing, health care, and fam ily services. People need to be m ore aware of sex trafficking.

This paper deals with human trafficking with women and children, which is all over the world, and is getting worse. Millions of women and children are trafficked with no end in sight. These women are trafficked for sex, work, breeding and prostitution in the United States and other countries. Sex trafficking is a form of organized crime profiting as much as narcotics than any trade system. (Hodge 2008 & Kotrla 2010).
These women and children come from dysfunctional families, some have lack of education, are homeless or poverty stricken. Some victims are mentally and physically abused, and tortured to no end, some may even die from such abuse.
"Human trafficking involves the recruitment, transportation, transfer,
harboring or receiving a person, by threat, use of force, coercion, or
abduction for exploitation. Exploitation shall include
prostitution, forced labor, slavery, servitude, use of child soldiers, or
the removal of organs."
Street children are victims and perpetrators at the same time. The street children are exploited and abused, they are drug mules, along with sex and they are forced or bribed to be fire-bombings and violence. Some stakeholders want to save the children while others want to eradicate them, and it is said to be for security reasons and human rights. LeRoux (1996) observed that street children occur worldwide across cultural boundaries. Human trafficking id the world's third largest of crimes (Dave-Odigie, 2008; Keefer, 2006). There are many United Nations Conventions that condemned child abuse and trafficking. These include the Forced Labour Convention, 1930 , the United Nations Supplementary Convention on the Abolition of Slavery, 1956, and more support.
A study was performed with young girls and women who were trafficked for sexual exploitation. The study performed was the association of traumatic events and mental health. The results were elevated levels of PTSD from injuries and sexual violence, along with depression and anxiety. Conclusions were to have therapies for anxiety, PTSD, and mood disorders in low-resource settings should be elevated, (Am J Public Health , 2010; 100:2442-2449. Doi:10.2105/AJPH2009.173229). Trafficking is a violation of human rights. The UN Convention Against Trafficking in Persons signed agreements that psychological assistance be available for the extremely vulnerable population.
Human trafficking is a real problem around the world, it is captured as modern -day slavery, and has impacted thousands of mostly women and children.
Is exploitation related to human trafficking? How do we protect people and assist people who have been trafficked? How did these women become involved in sex trafficking? What were their experiences? What resources or assistance is needed to help with return to regular life?
We look at the underlying cause for trafficking, which includes poverty people looking for work, some families selling family members, some women are devalued, so when a person if found and saved they talk to law enforcement or FBI even though they are scared, may have some agency help. The hypothesis is tested by the agencies involved along with federal, state , local, and tribe partners. We also use task forces in every state in the United States.
When finding a cause then it can be tested against other theories. Law enforcement agencies are working hard to eliminate trafficking with the help of the people being trafficked, more can be done.
When looking at sexual work and exploitation of