Casey Henderson
Dr. Harder
Essay Four

The touch on the pass is perfect, it lands into the hands of my best receiver as if he was cradling an egg. He gets two feet in the back right corner of the end zone, I have just won on the last play of the game. "YOU SUCK," I scream in my buddies' face , whom is disgusted. As the room is filled with laughing teenagers, I look over to see that my mom is calling. "Everyone Shut up! My mom is calling me!" This is routine for my friends, the room is now dead silent. I answer, "Hey mom what's up? Yes we are working on our project. Ugghh yes his parents are at home. Alright I will be home later." All my friends are giggling as I put down the phone. I just lied to my mom which is bad, but why does one do this? Could this be because I am trying to impress my friends? Kenneth Gergen would debate that this is one of my multiple identities. Throughout his essay he explains how "we are not apt to find a single basic self to which we can be true" (172) Does one speak to their friends the same way they speak to their parents? Absolutely not. Playing Madden may bring out a side of me that isn't present when I'm with my parents.
There are many ways of showing it off but most people have one coherent sense of identity. My attitude towards adults and children differ because you are always supposed to respect your elders and they demand a different type of treatment. When I'm hanging out with my friends I can almost say whatever I want because they do not take things offensively. If I were to come across a random guy on the street and call him a name he would probably get heated whereas my buddies wouldn't care at all. Even though I have a different mask on during these circumstances this does not change my identity. Through Gergen's research, he does not believe in psychologists or critics view "that it is normal for a person to develop a firm and coherent sense of identity, and that it is good and healthy to do so, and pathological not to" (172 ) Is being respectful around adults while being wild around my friends show that I have two different personalities or could this just be a mask I use in different situations. There is a big difference in having multiple masks and multiple identities. These masks that we all use in certain situations are normal and we all use them. Your identity is who you are as a person. My names Casey Henderson, I'm 18 years of age, and I love baseball. If I were to tell someone a different name, age, or that I hate baseball, I would be masking who I am, but not giving myself a different identity.
Why do people use these masks you may ask yourself? Gergen is correct when he states, "both outward appearances and inward feelings" are the key factors to masking someone's personality ." (172) During Aimee Lee Ball's essay "Reflections in the Facebook Mirror," she describes the "Bio" section on Facebook as "fill in the blank, every man for himself" (198). Nowadays, the internet is the easiest place for someone to hide their identity. I long onto twitter and my bio says "UCR Baseball, " This tells viewers where I attend college, what I enjoy doing, and that I am a young adult. However this is not who I am as a person. There's some people that mask everything about them in search of happiness while others do as little as photo shopping one of their photos before posting it. Either way I do not find this a change of their identities. Ball uses a quote from Brian Zisk who states , "Online, there's a whole different set of clues for evaluating people you come across. If you meet someone in person, you can see if he's a slob or if he woke up this morning and spent seven hours on himself. But people online are