Bennet's: The Executioner

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Bennet's: The Executioner

   "I am the executioner. When the crime is committed and the Lord God
does not take vengeance nor does the exalted State move to declare and then
to punish, I say when these bitter events happen, then comes the time for
the executioner to declare himself or herself as the case may be. I have
waited long enough.

   So the time has come, and I declare myself the executioner.
   The three criminals are hereby sentenced to death.
   By fire. By earth. By water."

   This is the direct and powerful quotes taken from the novel, The
Executioner. It explains the basic plot of the story of the one word that
every man fears: Revenge. The Executioner was written by the Canadian born
author, Jay Bennett. The strengths and weaknesses of this report will be
discussed in detail, and the plot of this murder, suspense, and horror
story are revealed. The plot will be discussed, for easier comprehension of
the story.

   This plot begins when Bruce , an 18 year old high school boy was at a
bar with his best friend Raymond, and a few other friends named Ed, and
Elaine. Unfortunately, Bruce got intoxicated, but still decided to drive
the others home from the bar. On the way home, Bruce began arguing with
Ray, (the only sober one), and the car was steered of the road into a tree.
Raymond was killed by the accident. However, everyone thought that Bruce
was not intoxcated at the time, and the car just accidentally swerved off
to the side.

   Throughout the next chapters, Bruce keeps facing the guilt of killing
Ray, and tries to admit to everyone that he did. No one believes him
though, and think's he's just making up the story to cover the guilt up.
This carrries on for a while, and Bruce feels even more depressed. A few
days later, a mysterious man, (the executioner) comes into the bank, and
takes out a letter (The one at the introduction of the review) and says,
"The first shall die by fire."

   The next thing the story shows is a scene in a building, where Ed and
Bruce are walking. All of a sudden, Ed is trapped in a room, which is set
on fire. Bruce tries to recue him, but was too late. Ed died of smoke
inhalation. Bruce knows the fire resulted from the killing of Ray. The
police however say the fire just started from a cigarette in a garbage can.

   The story's next scenario is at the bank again, where the executioner
pulled out the paper, which said, "The next shall die by water."

   Then, Bruce was discussing all the deaths with Elaine, who was in the
car when Ray was killed. Elaine then said she wanted to go sailing alone.
Bruce insisted that she shouldn't, for she might get hurt. She ignored his
plead, and left for sea. The next morning, she was found dead. The police
said it was by drowning from a cramp, but again, Bruce did not beleive it.

   At Elaine and Ed's funeral, Bruce was walking around, and saw a strange
man dressed in a priest's clothing. He approcahed the man, who said he was
Reverend William Dunn. Dunn said that all the deaths were caused because
the people did not repent. Bruce said he was mad, but the Reverend said
Bruce was the one that was mad, and that if he didn't repent, he was doomed
to end up the same way. Bruce ran off quickly.

   Two weeks later, Ray's brother, Oliver came over. He talked to Bruce
about everything that was happening, and said to forget it, because none of
it was Bruce's fault. He asked to be friends with Bruce, and Bruce agreed.
The next thing they decided on was to find the executioner, (who they think
is Reverend Dunn), and kill him. Bruce first talked to his father about the
Reverend, and his dad says that the reverend has been dead for 5 years now!
Bruce was then more determined to solve this mysterious problem, and cure
himself of his past. Oliver and Bruce go where they think the executioner
is hiding, and wait there, armed with guns. Oliver tells Bruce to stay
right there, while he goes and looks for the executioner. Bruce all of a
sudden hears a scream and runs to find out what it is. He enters the room
where the scream came from, and sees Oliver with a reverend's

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