Ashley Wright
Comp 1301
Dr. Corbin Bryan

Research Paper: INFP Personality
T he Myers Briggs Type Indicator test is a test in which you can get a better understanding of your specific personality. It gives a common theory of the identification and description of each personality type . I have recently found out I am a Mediator. What is a Mediator? Well, it is my specific personality type. The Mediators fall under the INFP category, this stands for Introvert, Intui tive, Feeling, and Prospecting (16personalities).
An Intr overt is someone who prefers and works better alone than in groups, and often don't respond well in high-pressured, fast-paced situations (Barnett) . Intuition can be interpreted as a willingness to go beyond the straight forward data in judgments (Edwards, 435) . Someone who bases their decisions on Feeling instead of Thinking is very skilled at understanding one's feelings and seeing their point of view (Carlyn, 461). The Perceptive types of people manifest the irrational functions of sensing and intuition (Edwards, 435).
People, like me, who fall under this category, are true idealists who always try to look for the good and search for ways to make things better. We mediators are often assumed to be calm, reserved, and even shy because that is how we express ourselves. However, when we surround ourselves with like-minded people, we open up with a specific harmony of joy and inspiration (16personalities) . We come off as if we are shy because we feel like we' ll be misunderstood. People usually misunderstand us because they don't understand our drive behind our feelings. We are also guided by principles instead of logic and led by our own good intensio ns, not rewards or punishments (16personalities).
Qualities such as these enable us to communicate deeply with others, speak in metaphors, and understand and create things to share their ideas. Therefore many famous Mediators are poets, writers, and actors like William Shakespe are and Johnny Depp. They are som e of many successful Mediators due partly to the fact that they project themselves into their work. Not all Mediators become a poet or an actor, s ome Mediators actually have a hard time finding a job they like because they aren't sure how they fit in the world or they wish they could be doing something they love without all the stress of professional life (16personalities). This causes too many of us to drift into frustration.
Because of our personality traits, future growing organizations will come to depend on us and what we have to offer (16personalities). Smaller organizations will end up needing us more than ever to help express the value they bring to the local communities. Anything can benefit from the artful and natural expressions us Mediators bring to the table (16personalities).
Service careers such as massage therapy, physical rehabilitation, counseling, social work, psychology, and even academic roles and retraining can be exceptionally rewarding for Mediators (16personalities). We have the tendency to put others' interests ahead of our own, and need to be able to work with creativity and consideration.
As a Mediator, I know for a fact that I dream of the perfect relationship and that 2 people can come together and make each other better and happier. We show ourselves to be helpless romantics and passionate. However, I need to realize no one is perfect and relationships take compromise, understanding, and effort. Mediators are always looking to begin a new relationship or improve an existing one (16personalities). When we start dating, we try to look for similarities; however our new partner might not be able to keep up with our standards or imagination. Any conflict or incompatibilities can end the relationship quickly (16personalities).
Once we find someone who is fairly similar and can keep up with our wide expectations, we try to understand them while helping them grow, learn, and change. Not everyone would appreciate this because they perceive this as they aren't good enough. Also, if we ever get into an argument, we are prone to internalizing even objective statements and facts. Due to this fact, we need to focus on improving our ability to respond to criticism. In the end, we do everything we