As I stand near the drivers door, I begin to notice the true beauty of a
Lambourghini. All of the little features that you never really notice suddenly
appear out of the blue and astound me. Every little nook and cranny is noticeable, as if I was looking through a magnifying glass. It is truly beautiful.
I am about two to three feet away from the door due to the experience of having one of the doors swing upward and knock me out cold. The window is open. The car is a spotless white pearl color with a black trim. I can see that the single windshield wipers are a little upward from their usual off position, as if it were raining earlier. OK, so I forgot to shut them off. The plush cherry red interior perfectly compliments the black dashboard and the chrome stick shift. The oil gauge registers nearly full as it should with all high performance V12 engines. With my luck, its probably broken and I don't have but a drop of oil. The fuel gauge says that the tank is about half full. It was probably full before the short ten minute ride I had taken it for earlier. The engine temperature gauge is leaning more towards the hot side, and the battery gauge is perfectly in the middle, indicating a healthy battery. I have exactly 1500 miles on the odometer. Before my ten minute drive, I had only 500. Its amazing how far you can go when you don't obey speed limits. The mats on the floor could stand a thorough cleaning. There's enough dirt on them to give a mole a nice home for the winter. The spare tire, the alternator, and the battery are stored in a compartment where the engine of a normal everyday car would be. I can see this cause I was working with the alternator earlier and I left it open. If you are wondering where the engine is, it is supposed to start in the middle with the transmission, and continue to the back where the block should be. Right now, the Transmission starts in the back, and block is hanging out of the back of the car with one of those red flags on it. Thats what I get for trying to tow my boat with it. Next time I'll try a ball hitch instead of wrapping a chain around the engine. The right mirror is broken, what a sin. I misjudged a corner. The left front corner of the car is a bit crumpled up. I never did pass my parallel parking class. There are nice scratches running from the front to the back on the drivers side. I'll be dammed if I drive around all day looking for a parking space that I can fit in. There are clean Dunlop tires and shiny chrome mags. Damn, must have lost the left front mag when I clipped that BMW trying to maunver at 60mph in the K-mart parking lot. There are four air intake vents, one by each door, and one on each side near the top. When I get done, I will have to get those feathers out of the vent on the top left. I wonder where the bird is? Maybe that scream I heard pulling out of the K-Mart parking lot wasn't my tires peeling out. There appears to be a vast amount of bugs on the windshield. I was driving at 120mph in a 60mph zone, but, you didn't hear that from me. The drivers side seat is all the way back, adjusted to fit me, and the passengers side seat is a little closer for the shorter, yet, very attractive young woman I was with. The headlights are still on and shining bright. Watch me have a dead battery by the time I finish writing this. I bet that all of the oil is now settling to the bottom of the crankcase, along with the metal gear shavings produced from my neglecting to use the clutch while shifting. Heat must be still radiating from the engine as it was running not more than ten minutes ago. I'm also probably out of coolant. The black trim around the wheels could use