As a child, on any hot, sunny summer day there was always a good chance that my family and I would be going swimming. Going to our cousins' house to swim in their pond were exciting times. We parked in their driveway and walked through the very tall pine trees that went up as far as the eye could see and as far down. The trees seemed like an entrance into another world. If I looked up, I barely saw the tips of the trees swaying back and forth by a light breeze. I faintly smelled the light scent of pine that symbolized the country smell. I walked thorough the trees toward the pond and I entered a new world. If I turned around, I couldn't see the house anymore. It was so quiet; there was not a person around except my parents, my brother, Joey, my sister, Emily, and I. The water looked peaceful and calm, just like its surroundings, as us kids impatiently waited to jump in and make some waves.
It took a long time to get there, but we made it. Going through the same routine that we went thorough every time we wanted to swim was exhausting. Emily and I always convinced our parents that it was hot enough to go swimming. We were sweltering by the hot sun, which showed a good reason to head out to the pond. My Mom always made a telephone call to our cousins and asked if we could come and go swimming. Emily and I consistently waited anxiously by the phone, like we had ants in our pants, and wondered if we could come over. Of course they said yes so we dashed upstairs to our rooms, quickly changed into our bathing suits, and lathered ourselves up with sunblock. Joey also came with us and he, Emily, and I piled into our van ready to go. Our parents never quite had the same enthusiasm as we had. You would think
that getting dressed was the only thing they had to do, but it wasn't. After taking their time getting dressed, they got a couple of floats out that they relaxed on and filled them up by an air compressor. If I think about this now, it wasn't that bad of an idea. Whenever I go swimming now, I love to just relax most of the time and there is nothing like lying down on a float and feeling the tiny ripple of waves beneath you. It is very soothing and could put you to sleep, if you wanted to.
The pond was about four miles away from our house. As a child, I thought that the drive would never end. Whenever I was this excited, time went by slow and of course, so did the drive. I knew we had arrived when I could smell a stench of dirty old gym socks that made my face cringe every time. My cousins live on a dairy farm and that stench was manure. During the summers that smell was at its worse.
Each time I remembered glancing around the half acre, green area around the pond. I would soak this sight in. Occasionally there was a light breeze that felt cool on my face. Living in the country it is a wide, open area and the air smelled so clean that nothing could ever harm you.
We dropped our towels and sunblock near the placid pond and glanced into the pond. You could see tiny fish swimming in the shore so we kicked the water to scare them away. Being a fish, I would never want my habitat disturbed by people wanting to swim in it. The fish were so tiny that they had no way of defending themselves, and if I were that tiny, I'd scatter too. I bet now that those fish aren't that small anymore! Everyone ran in except my Mom and I. I remember that she always accompanied me in the pond to wet my upper arms to slide on my floats since I hadn't learned to swim just yet. I got antsy waiting while I watched the rest of the family swim. After I was settled, I joined in the fun.
The pond