And The Man

Essentially "Arms and the Man" is Shaws attack of the idealistic
belief of the virtues and gallantry of war and romantic love. It is a satire.

Shaw gives both Catherine and Raina unusual strength. They lie, and get away
with it! Raina has the power to give up her Chocolate Cream Soldier when he is
hiding in her room. Catherine aids Petkoff in his military/strategic plannings.

These acts show the strength of the woman. Shaw satirizes romantic
love, and the heroism and romanticism of war, he shows weakness in the females.

Raina is weak when she gives Bluntschli her photo...but not as weak as she was
when she was in love with her 'idealized' soldier, Sergius. (Who made the
stupidest move, risking his army's life...but out of dumb luck survived.) Take a
look at how the pairs in the beginning of the play - Sergius&Raina, Louka&Nicola
end up as Sergius&Louka, Raina&Bluntschli, Nicola&nobody.

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