AP Language and Composition: Summer Assignment
Mrs. Staci Davis ([email protected])
Dr. Soo Park ([email protected])
Mrs. Melissa Villanueva ([email protected])

Dear Students,

Congratulations! You have taken the first step towards success in college by accepting the challenge of Advanced Placement English Language and Composition. You are about to begin a great adventure that will broaden your horizons. The work begins now, as you plan to complete summer readings and assignments prior to the start of the school year 2 5 August 2014 . I am really looking forward to a terrific year with such a talented group that is willing to take on the challenge of a college-level class in high school . Therefore, we cannot lose! Remember, this course offers rewards far beyond the ordinary class , so please do not be daunted by the work. Have fun completing the summer readings and assignments! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at my personal email account. I will try to check at least once a week , but do not hound me with e - mails the week before school. Also, sign up for an Edmodo account ASAP and familiarize yourself with the way it works (much like Facebook), because we will be using it often during both the summer break and school year.

Why read during the summer?
Researchers have proven that reading increases vocabulary and that reading and writing skills are inextricably connected to each other.
Good writers are good readers. Written and oral communication is most effective when you have a command of language and a broad vocabulary; reading gives you exposure to descriptive and rich vocabulary used in well-written and powerful phrases and sentences.
The accuracy and effectiveness of your communication is determined by your ability to read critically.
Reading can be one of the most satisfying and personal life-long habits you will ever develop.
Reading gives you knowledge and knowledge is power.

Course Expectations

These are the minimum course expectations:

Summer assignments are 10% of your quarter 1 grade.
Extra studying sessions (after school, weekends, testing days) are a necessary part of this course. Be prepared to spend time outside of the school day studying for this course. More specific information will be provided at the start of the school year.
Access Edmodo the day before your scheduled class.
Bring an open mind; be ready for alternate views.
Be ready to discuss very controversial issues from our history and current events.
Build academic and personal maturity. Do not depend on others for YOUR responsibilities.
You will need to have access to a computer and a printer for various assignments.
You will be expected to write, write, and write.

ASSIGNMENT 1 - Read Luong Ung's First, They Killed my Father - Due 9-2 (A)/ 9-3 (B)
Obtain a copy of the novel First, They Killed my Father by Luong Ung. You may purchase your own copy (new or used), borrow a copy from a public library, or share with a friend. Be prepared to discuss this novel in depth by the due date.

A SSIGNMENT 2 - Current Events - Due 9-2 (A)/ 9-3 (B)
Watch or read the NATIONAL and/ or INTERNATIONAL news at least twice a week. Keep a dialectical journal on the events that seem the most important to you. Some recommended news sources are: The New York Times, The Washington Post, Huffington Post, USA Today, Christian Science Monitor, and The Wall Street Journal. All of these sources can be found online. Any of the major network news stations would meet this assignment requirement. Be sure to aim for a variety of sources when completing this assignment. You should have AT LEAST 10 entries by the second week of August. Each entry should be from different days and from a variety of sources. Also, be sure to select news items that are intellectually stimulating. Print each article entirely and place in a portfolio folder in chronological order from the first current event to the last current event. Keep a running dialectical journal that follows the example below. Before turning in this assignment, you should print your journal and place it in front of the printed news articles in the portfolio folder. Please be sure to see me before the due date if