AP Environmental Science Summer Assignment

Visit the Class Website at www.vhsapes.weebly.com and do the following:

1) Click on the State of the Planet Earth link and observe
2) Click on Environmental Photos that Boggle the Mind! (Click at the center of the photo)

1) Click on UNIT ONE - INTRODUCTION TO APES and view these links A) HYPERLINK "http://vhsapes.weebly.com/uploads/3/1/8/2/31829105/apes_ch.1.rtf" \o "" Chapter 1 Outline - Environmental Problems, Their Causes and
B) Chapter 1 Concept Ma  p
C) Chapter 1 Power Point Notes

1) Click and review the links in this section
2) Choose a book to read from one of the Suggested Reading Lists and write a 1 page (front and back) Summary and Opinion (700 words) due the first day of class. (100pts)

1) Fill out a contact form and send me the title of your summer reading book by July 1 st (10pts)

Take a 2 hour hike in the MOUNTAINS without any man-made noise! No music, phone calls etc. Take a picture of you with a sign showing where you are at the beginning of your hike and a picture of you at the point you turn around to go back. Write a 1 page front and back reflection on your observations and what you noticed not having any man-made noise. Minimum 700 words ( 100pts ). Santa Monica Mountains has several hikes you can take and get there by bus if necessary . Check Santa Monica Mountains Recreation Area on HELPFUL LINKS Don't hike alone, take a cell phone with you, water, snacks and a flashlight . 1 page (front and back) report /photos due the first day of class .