America is a great place to live. Unfortunately, numerous amounts of people do not realize this. They take it all for granted.
In America, from the day you are born you have many opportunities. You are a citizen from day one. At eighteen you can voice your opinion by voting.
In America, everybody is treated equally. You have many laws to protect you and your rights. In many other countries people have no rights at all.
In America we have the military to protect us, and fight for us in wars. We have the emergency medical assistance and hospitals to help us when we are hurt or sick. We have easy access to an assortment of medicines and doctors.
In America, most people have an equal opportunity for education. Another benefit of living in America is welfare. If you do not have enough money to live, the government will give you enough so that you can get by.
We are lucky to have an established, peaceful government. If you feel that your rights are being violated in any way, you can take the violator to court and get a fair trial. You, living in America, have the police force to protect you and a number you can call if you need help immediately.
The most important thing that makes America great, the thing that people risk their lives to get is personal freedom. You have the opportunity to do anything you want if you work for it. In many countries what your parents are, is what you will be. Not here, you have the chance, if you take it, to excel in any way you want to. America; even with such a diversity of people we still manage to work and live together. I think that all these things together add up and make America the great place that it is.