The founding of our nation was forged on the principle that all men are created equal. This is the essence of our Declaration of Independence and the philosophy behind the Constitution.
We, through history, have made certain that all people in this country have equality before the law. We have set up the premise that all people are equal before the law. We have declared that there is no such thing as sub-humans -- and that no human being's rights are superior to another human being.
If we want to live by the premises that we set up in this country, than we cannot overlook any human being, no one can be excluded. There is, however, a class of human beings that is being denied the right to life: the unborn baby.
The human species is only fully grown at adulthood. Many of us here are not adults yet, and by that definition, it wouldn't matter if you’re shot and killed on the street because you’re not fully developed.” We are in a stage of development -- teenager -- just like a child is, just like a toddler is, just like an old man is, and just like an aborted child is. There is no magical transformation that occurs when a child is born. He has the same basic needs to survive before he is born, and the same needs after he is born. Anyone who tries to tell anyone else that the baby in the mother’s womb is not a human or doesn’t matter is a downright liar. They want you to believe that an unborn child cannot feel pain. If you accept that an unborn baby is not an eating, breathing, moving, human inside of a woman then their life can have no value.
Can an unborn child feel pain? Of course it does, it is a human being, and as a human being it has five senses. How would you like to be in your mother’s womb and all of a sudden be stabbed in the back of the head with scissors and your brains sucked out?
In a suction abortion, sometimes the baby will struggle to get a way, but they’re no match for the vacuum.
The abortionists will tell you that your baby is just a piece of tissue, which makes it easier to have an abortion, they will also tell you that it will just be a burden on your life and you’re making the right decision by committing murder and taking away that babies constitutional rights. If you accept that an unborn baby is not a eating, breathing, moving, human inside of a woman then their life can have no value.
Now let’s talk about the moral issues. If you’re going to go out and have sex, you need to take the consequences and have the baby. Even if you don’t want it you can put it up for adoption, you don’t have to take the easy way out and slaughter it.
Our country went through and the world went through a long period of time where Whites believed that Blacks were actually sub-human! If someone accepted that a Black person was a sub- human, then it became easy to continue slavery, and it became easy to abuse or ignore his or her rights to life. We have disproved this premise in modern time, not ignoring the facts.
We cannot hide it! Killing a living human being is murder – and murder is against the law and murder against God.
Would want to have been an aborted child. Would you have wanted your life to be cut, before you could even be born into this world? When I was inside my mother, No one could ask me if I valued my life. I wouldn't have a right to live. If you were aborted you would not have a chance to ask for your life.
If abortion is murder, then can we let this continue? There are approximately one million abortions every year in the United States.


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