1. Setting - This story took place in the Willowgr

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1. Setting - This story took place in the Willowgreen School District, near a fictional
town call Bleke in 1933.
Characters - The main character of this story is the author, Max Braithwaite, but
addition characters in this chapter are Dave McDougall, Mrs. McDougall, and their
children Mary, Heather, Myron, and Charles.
Antecedent Action - The antecedent action in this chapter is when Max outlines
the events leading up to the moment when he left the train at Bleke.  Those events
included:  borrowing money for Max to finish Normal School, the incessant job searching
with the eternal job refusals, also when Max started training in motor mechanics and,
finally, when Max received a letter from the Willowgreen School District that there was a
job opening if he wished to take the offer.
Point of View - This novel was told in the first person point of view.
Inciting Force - The inciting force is when Max got the job at Willowgreen and
also when Max arrived at the Bleke train station.

2. The school didn’t have much substance to it.  The upstairs was 25 feet square with
windows on one side, it was all one room except for a small cloak room and closet, it had
a blackboard, and organ, a map with pictures of candy bars filling the oceans. It also had a
Union Jack pinned up above the blackboard, a picture of King George V, also there were
six rows of desks, and a teacher’s desk at the very front and center of the classroom.
The downstairs of the schoolhouse had three rooms(two of the rooms were what
the teacherage was made up of). In the first room there was a large coal furnace to heat
the entire building, a coal bin, and two chemical toilets(one for the boys and one for the
girls), this room was half of the basement.
The other two rooms were each about 12 and a half feet long and about 8 feet
wide, and both possessed a small basement window.  In the living room there was a
heat-range, a table, a chair and a coal oil lamp.  The bedroom contained a bed, a
washstand, a basin and a large water pitcher with no handle.
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3. Pork was the only kind of available meat that there was to eat.  Many mice were
living in the teacherage with Max.  The North Star was the only piece of equipment that
Max could use to tell what direction he was going in the dark of night.
What these three things have in common is that Max has never encountered any of
these with such dependency, and that they were literally the only things that could keep
him company.

4. Pearlie Sinclair - She was seven years old, very dirty, skinny, wispy-haired, rickety
and very undernourished
Myron McDougall - He was a trouble-maker, and he couldn’t read a single word,
yet he had memorized every story in the reader.
Sammy Sinclair - He was as dirty as his sister, he had scabies.
Summer Littlewood - She was always clean and neat in appearance, and almost
always wore a smile
Alan Littlewood - He was the largest boy in the room, and usually smiling. He also
liked to play with the little children.
Paul Friesen - He was a Ukrainian boy that was very smart and neat.
Mary Field - She was a child who rarely spoke or smiled, she was also the only
grade six student.

5. Problems
1) What he could teach the children that they might need to know for future use,
because all of them knew perfectly well how to live in their own society, so Max didn’t
know how else he could make a contribution.
2) That the curriculum had changed drastically from when Max went to school,
and Max also had no new text books that included what needed to be learned by the
children so that they followed the curriculum.
3) How to teach the little children to read, without them just memorizing their
4) What the children would do while Max wasn’t working with them.

1) Max realized that not all the children would grow up wanting to become
farmers or farmer’s wives, so he decided that he would teach them what they needed to
know to live and function in towns and cities.
2) Max decided to just focus on teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic.
3) Max used sight recognition, and phonetics to teach the children to read.  In
detail, he wrote small, easy to remember words on the

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