1. point- a fixed dot in space or location
2. line- 2 or more points in a row
3. plane- flat surface
4. obtuse exterior- an obtuse angle on the outside of a triangle
5. collinear points- points that form a line
6. coplanar points- points that form a plane
7. intersection of 2 lines- forms a point
8. intersection of 2 planes- forms a line
9. intersection of line and plane- forms a point
10. vertical planes- planes that extend vertically
11. horizontal planes- planes that extend horizontally
12. line segment- line in between to points
13. ray- line extending in one direction from a point
14. regular polygon- polygon that is equiangular and equilateral
15. congruent segments- line segments that are equal
16. midpoint of a segment- the point that divides the segment into 2 congruent segments
17. bisector of a segment- a line, segment, ray, or plane that intersects the segment at its
18. angles- a figure formed by 2 rays that have the same endpoint
19. vertex- the endpoint of an angle
20. acute angle- an angle with measure between 0 and 90
21. obtuse angle- an angle with measure between 90 and 180
22. straight angle- an angle with measure of 180; a line
23. congruent angles- angles that have equal measures
24. adjacent angles- 2 angles in a plane that have a common vertex and sides but no
common interior points
25. bisector of an angle- a ray that divides the angle into 2 congruent adjacent angles
26. complementary angles- 2 angles whose measures have the sum of 90
27. supplementary angles- 2 angles whose measures have the sum of 180
28. vertical angles- 2 angles whose sides form 2 pairs of opposite rays
29. perpendicular lines- 2 lines that intersect to form right angles
30. parallel lines- coplanar line that do not intersect
31. skew lines- lines that are not coplanar
32. line parallel to a plane- are parallel to a plane if they do not intersect
33. transversal- a line that intersects 2 or more coplanar lines in different points
34. alternate interior angles- 2 nonadjacent interior angles on opposite sides of a
35. corresponding angles- 2 angles in corresponding positions relative to 2 lines
36. same-side interior angles- 2 interior angles on the same side of the transversal