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does it include Writing Womens World: Bedouin Stories

Sara Al-matroud

Writing Women's Worlds is some stories on the Bedouin Egyptian people. In this book, thwe writer Lia Adu-Lughod's stories differ from the conventional ones. While reading, we discover the customs and values of the Bedouin people.
We see Migdim, a dominator of the people. Even though her real age is never given, one can assume that she is at the end of her life, maybe in her mid to late eighties. Migdim's life seems to include all the changes inside the Boudin community. Throughout the narrative of her life, we are able to realize the life way and changes within this exclusive society.
One of the more in depth stories that Migdim told was how she refused the marriage to the man her father chose for her. It is customary for a woman to get married to her paternal first cousin. Her female relatives made her the tent she was going to live in and brought her some bridal gifts. Migdim refused to eat as well as covering herself in color in order to holdup the wedding. After much objection, Migdim did not marry the man that her father chose. Actuality, her father failed twice trying to arrange a marriage for her.
All the way through Migdim's incident with arranged marriages, we can understand the old customs that has to do with marriage. It is obvious that, although women were believed to be obedient, they were capable to effectively convince men. Yet, today there seems to be a sign toward polygamous marriages that are eventually making women more minor.
Girls are referred to in an offensive sense. The requirement for having a male child is eventually causing women's' subordination to perpetuate. The Bedouin society values women. Migdim is extremely valued because of her age and knowledge. However, her sons have power over her property and her income. Her sons regularly disregard her guidance and ignore her understanding. In the end, men are the principals.
In my opinion, the lives of these women and their relationship with their husbands present a more precise image of many polygamous relationships. While a lot of people, Muslim mostly, may disagree; Muslim men are likely to treat their wives in a different way although such issues are in no way discussed. A Muslim man would by no means admit to doing so for the plain truth that he would be confirming that his marriage is not in a correct usage. A Muslim woman would never tell too, because it would mean self-embarrassment among her other peers.
A man will probably take a new wife, if his recent wife doesnt get pregnant. Furthermore, he may or may not divorce her. On the other hand, the family of the woman may choose to repossess her, especially if it looks like it was the husbands fault. For example, he has been married before but is still have no children. A woman can take part in more active position in divorcing her husband as well. In one story that Abu-Lughod recounts, a woman sworn by a neighborhood saint that her husband was not a man and that he would never have children. She required a divorce and got it. Pg 138.
There is a favorite for male children among the Bedouin, but it is not of necessity a strong one. While two women tried to clarify how they felt regarding sons, one woman said, "Arabs prefer boys," but the other woman said that, "They are equal with God. And He even prefers girls. It is only the ignorant that prefer boys. Some daughters are worth a thousand boys," Pg 129. The couple that Abu-Lughod lived with when she was doing her study, Sagr and Gateefa, seemed to have reasonable and balanced opinions on sons and daughters. Sagr described daughters as being, "dearer to him than sons." He thought that daughters had less, "strength of will than sons," and that they depended on their fathers to protect them from hurting. "As long as her father is alive, a girl does not feel any pain. But when he dies, it is hard on him." Pg 160. Gateefa also said, " . . . daughters are caring. If I were alone, without ... more

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Lord of the flies

Lord of flies

In the “Lord of Flies” William Golding does tell us a story about a group of English boys stranded on a Pacific Island, in the literal level but in a more allegorical  level he tells a story about  corruption of innocence, brutality/savagery and victimisation/prejudice  through the characters of Ralph, Jack, Piggy and Simon. Interesting stylistic features such as symbolism and omnipotent narrator make this story more than just a simple story.

Ralph can be seen as a fair head boy, tall, well built and the major character of the novel. In a deeper sense Ralph represents Law, order and authority but not in a tyrannic way, he also represents democracy and justice. It is also through his eyes we see loss of innocence.
“…Ralph wept for the end of innocence, the darkness of man’s heart…”
In the above quote Ralph cries after piggy is killed.
Jack can be seen as a cruel, ugly, skinny, and the leader of choir at first then the leader of hunters. In a deeper sense Jack represents dictatorship and a primitive hunter. His leadership depends on in the ability to threaten and frighten those under him. His victory over piggy represents the triumph of violence over intellect, his knife represents death and destruction. It is through jack we see Brutality and savagery.
Piggy is a typical obese young boy with brains, but in more he can be seen as a boy with civilised and scientific mind. His scientific mind can be seen when he talks about the beast:
“ I know there isn’t not beast- not with claws and all that…”
It is through Piggy we see victimisation/prejudice.
“Shut up fatty!”(Jack)
“ You let me speak I got the conch…”
In the above quote we see piggy being the victim because of his low class.
Simon is a sensitive, epileptic and religious boy who is wiling to work and is brave in the face of physical danger. He is right about “beast” but is wrong in underestimating the power of this evil. He discovers in the conversation with lord of flies the even he contains the evil within and it cannot be destroyed physically. Simon the Saint was the only hope for the new society but unfortunately he is mistaken for the beast and killed by the savages including Piggy and Ralph.
‘What I mean is... Maybe it’s only us.’
In this quote Simon shows us his common sense and reasoning.

In LotF there are many themes and issues have been discussed which make story much more then just a simple story, these include corruption of innocence, brutality/savagery and victimisation.
As mentioned earlier loss of innocence was shown through Ralph. In the beginning the boys felt very hope full that they would have excellent time but by the end things get very out of hands so much so that even our main character Ralph weeps for the loss of true wise friend called Piggy. There was some hope, not all of them were like hunters, but unfortunately Piggy and Simon are both killed.
Brutality/savagery was shown through Jack and his hunters. In the beginning of the book all the choirboys were innocent young boys. Jack could not even strike the wild piglet for the fear of blood. In the end everyone had changed so much that even Ralph and Piggy, two of our more innocent character join in the dance which led to the death of Simon.
One of the most important themes of the novel was victimisation/prejudice. In the beginning and through out the novel the main victim was Piggy. We have been shown heaps of time…
“Shut up Piggy”
“You let me speak, I have the conch…”
How Jack picks on Piggy because of his low class. In the later part of the novel Ralph and Simon also become the victim only because they are weak.

To make this novel stunning and more than just a simple story, Golding uses interesting language features such as Symbolism, omnipotent narrator and colloquial language.
Excellent symbolism have been used such as pig’s head represents evil within an, and characters to represent real life characters such as, Ralph represents the government ... more

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