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are strictly for those 21 Describe the essential dimensi

The essential dimensions of classical management were based on a closed system view of organisation; that is, essential dimensions emphasised on a mechanical structure of control.  So the essential dimensions of classical management break down to a set of four rigid and formal guidelines:
 Bureaucratic forms of control
 Narrow supervisory span
 Closely prescribed roles
 Clear and formal definitions of procedures, which means areas of specialisation and hierarchical relationship.

These essential dimensions of classical management promote formality, symmetry and rigidity. By maintaining these essential dimensions, the goal is that control and compliance exists so as efficiency and productivity is maximised.

Bureaucratic forms of control create standardisation and this is bound with centralised power.  These are the attributes wanted by those who are in command.  By having strict bureaucratic control, those who are at the top of the hierarchy have much power, while those who are at the bottom have strictly little or no control.  

Narrow supervision is an essential dimension to classical management.  By maintaining narrow supervision the effectiveness of work is maximised, so as to increase yield and profit.  Narrow supervision ensures that the mechanics of an effective organisation remain.  Narrow supervision means that there is need for rationality in decision making.  Management allocates tasks, control the work being done and motivate those doing it.  The concept is that by making the workers give up their authority, management has better control.

Clear and formal definition of procedures is an essential dimension of classical management.  This essential aspect of classical management originated from Taylor’s methods and his foundation of scientific management.  It recognises that specialisation maximises the efficiency of a worker.  This essential dimension of classical management has influenced the efficiency of the manufacture of goods in large factories, such as Mitsubishi Australia, and the effects of this methodology can be seen throughout the industrial revolution.  Specialisation creates a mechanistic structure to an organisation and is a method of scientific management that hasn’t changed much from when it first began.

The essential dimensions of classical management are invaluable and are the framework for organisations everywhere.  Although today much more leeway exists, as there is new technology used in organisation and more emphasis on mass production.  However the essential dimensions of classical management are fundamental tools to organisations all over the world, and these essential dimensions will be templates through out time.

“The difficulty is that there can never be any single correct solution to any single correct solution to any management problem, or any all embracing system that will carry one through a particular situation or period of time.”
(John Harvey- Jones 1993)


Huczynski, A. & Buchanan, D. 1997, Organisational Behaviour – an introductory text, Prentice Hall, Europe.

Legget, C. 2000, Work and Organisation – Study Guide: Part 1, School of International Business, Uni SA. ... more

are strictly for those 21

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A firms international marketing program must generally be
modified and adapted to foreign markets. This international
marketing program uses strategies to accomplish its
marketing goals. Within each foreign nation, the firm is
likely to find a combination of marketing environment and
target markets that are different from those of its own home
country and other foreign countries. It is important that in
international marketing, product, pricing, distribution and
promotional strategies be adapted accordingly. In order for
an international firm to function properly, cultural, social,
economic, and legal forces within the country must be
clearly understood. The task of International marketing is
more difficult and risky than expected by many firms.

One of the most controlling factors of international
marketing is management. It is very important for managers
to recognize the differences as well as similarities in buyer
behavior. Many mistakes can occur if managers fail to
realize that buyers differ from country to country. It is the
international differences in buyer behavior, rather than
similarities, which cause problems in successful international
marketing. An international marketing manager is a
manager responsible for facilitating the exchange of
products between the organization and its customers or
clients. Sometimes an international marketing manager will
find difficulties in completing the exchange of products.
Many surprises in international business are undesirable
human mistakes. An international corporation must fully
understand the foreign environment before pursuing
business matters. Problems constantly crop up and many
times have unexpected results. Sometimes these
unexpected results are unavoidable. Other times they are
avoidable. To be sure those avoidable situations do not
occur, international marketing managers must be aware of
cultural differences.

Cultural differences take place among most nations of the
world. Differences in culture are one of the most significant
factors in an international company. All nationalities posses
unique characteristics, which are unknown to many
foreigners. Many of the top international businesses are
unaware of these cultural differences. It is very important to
understand these cultures in order to market a product
successfully. As an example, different nationalities have
different beliefs on how business matters should take place.
Where some countries prefer to work with a deadline other
countries can take this as being offensive. Many countries
feel it is an insult to be asked to work under a set time
period. A country may feel that a deadline is threatening
and may feel backed into a corner. On the other hand,
other countries try to expedite matters by setting deadlines.
To be effective in a foreign market it is necessary to
understand the local customs. Knowing what to do in a
foreign country is as important as knowing what not to do.
Failure to understand local customs can lead to serious
misunderstandings between business people. The simple
rejection of a cup of coffee can lead to total confusion. The
decline of an invite is sometimes considered an affront. To
avoid making blunders, a person must be able to discern
the difference between what is acceptable behavior and
what is not acceptable behavior. Violations of a local
custom can be insulting, and can cause uncomfortable
situations. To be a successful manager of international
marketing, one must be able to discern the differences as to
what must and must not be done. It is almost impossible to
attain complete knowledge and understanding of a foreign

As established, culture plays an important role in the drama
of international marketing. Of all the cultural aspects,
communication may be the most critical. It is certain that
communication has been involved in a number of cultural
confusion. Good communication linkages must be set
between a company and its customers, suppliers, its
employees, and the governments of the countries where it
performs business activities. Poor communication can
obviously cause various difficulties. One source of difficulty
among starting companies is that of effective
communication with potential buyers. The problem is that
there are many possible communication barriers.
Sometimes messages can be translated incorrectly,
regulations overlooked, and economic differences can be
ignored. Other times when the message does arrive, its
ineffectiveness can cause it to be of no value. Every now
and then a buyer will receive the message, but to the
companies disappointment, the message was sent incorrect.
It is normal in multinational businesses to send and receive
messages on a regular basis. Many well-known people
have incapacitated public speech introductions by using
inaccurate titles and names. Not all communication
problems are verbal. Some serious problems have
occurred as a result of non-verbal communication.
Non-verbal communication exist in numerous forms.
Sometimes a persons appearance can convey a stronger
message than intended. Untidy attire, for example, can be
more offensive in some nations than in others. The local
people often are willing to overlook most of the mistakes
made by tourist. On the ... more

are strictly for those 21


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