The Hardy Boys Series Of Books Was My Choice Of Reading Material. The

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The Hardy Boys' series of books was my choice of reading material. The

books chosen were Rigged for Revenge (Hardy Boys Casefiles) and Hunting for

Hidden Gold (Hardy Boys revised a hardback book). These books are very similar

because they are both mysteries, have a lot of the same characters, and plot

Developments of investigative work by the Hardy brothers.

The author (Franklin W. Dixon [Leslie McFarlane]) and the series of books,

on the other hand, has an interesting story behind them. The stories were created in

1927 by Edward Stratemeyer, who also created Nancy Drew, Tom Swift, the Rover

Boys, and dozens of other memorable characters. The Hardy Boys remain popular

today with well over 250 titles published. Their adventure continues in three series

of paperback books (The Hardy Boys, The Hardy Boys Casefiles, Frank & Joe

Hardy: The Clues Brothers) as well as the revised hardcover books published by

Grosset & Dunlap and the original unrevised stories reprinted by Applewood.

Starting in 1959, the first 38 stories were revised. The series has been published the

world over in many languages. The Hardy Boys is the all-time best-selling series of

books for boys.

In 1927, the first three "breeder" volumes of the Hardy Boys were released.

The stories were written by Canadian newspaper writer, Leslie McFarlane, who

was hired by Edward Stratemeyer to ghostwrite the stories from Stratemeyer's outlines. McFarlane continued to write the stories, with brief interruption, for 20

years. Leslie McFarlane eventually wrote the original texts for most of the first 26

volumes in the series.

After the late 1940's, the Stratemeyer Syndicate (then run by Harriet S.

Adams) hired a variety of other writers to work on The Hardy Boys. Few of them

had McFarlane's gift for detail and humor, and the later volumes are less fun to

read. The fun was further squeezed out of the books in 1959, when Adams decided

her series needed updating and recruiting. She was correct in some ways; the early

Hardy Boys, Nancy Drews, etc. had not been written with the knowledge that they

would still be in print thirty years later. By then, times had changed so much that

many details in the original stories were too old-fashioned, and risked alienating

young readers. The obvious racism of the earlier books was insulting to adults, who

sent angry letters to Adams, protesting her books' chilling portrayals of Blacks,

Asians, and Latinos

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