Settlers of Catan Economic Analysis

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Settlers of Catan Economic Analysis
Unit 1: "Connecting Themes in Economics"

Directions: Using the chunk paragraph format, describe how each of the four themes of Economics played out in your Settlers of Catan game. Make sure you include concrete details and commentary in your answers.

TRADE- Describe how trade was an integral part of Settlers game. Give a specific example of a trade in the game and analyze why that trade happened and how effective it was.

In the game of Catan, getting resources you needed was nearly impossible without trade. For example, Meta traded me any two resources of my choice for wood or brick. Brick was scarce throughout the game and I was placed between a brick and wood resource. Meta needed brick and wood to build the longest road, and I needed more resources for development cards. Trade helps connect players and grow their territory through giving resources to build cities,roads and armies, in order to win the game,trade is necessary.

INCENTIVES- Describe and analyze a use of incentives from your Settlers game. Was the

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