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Magic: The Gathering
"You can always get the lands untapped, so just let them accumulate counters
until you know you need them, then use the Druid to untap them. You can also use the
Druid to keep counters from accumulating on your opponent\'s storage lands. . ."

(Wylie 47).

The confusing series of exchanges above are from a simple strategy-combination
of a card game. This card game, though only a little more than two years old, is not
only taking our nation by storm, but also all over the world. The card game is Magic:
The Gathering. Magic, a collectible card game manufactured by Wizards of the Coast,
is a fun and challenging game that involves two or more players (depicted as planes
walker-wizards) dueling each other out with many different types of these such cards
(which represent the many colorful magical spells). Magic: The Gathering is truly
the first of its kind, and its success has everyone, even the designer, greatly surprised.

Magic: The Gathering was developed by a mathematician named Richard
Garfield. Garfield was always fascinated by games in general, and in the stages of
developing Magic, he derived Magic from many other games. Since this collectible-

card game genre was the first of its kind, Wizards of the Coast and Garfield had to take
lots of risks designing it. After months of designing and play-testing the game,
Wizards of the Coast finally created the Alpha version of Magic, and released it to the
public in 1993. When it was first released, however, it didn\'t get quite the reputation it
deserved. Unfavorable opinions ranged from, "Big Deal. I didn\'t know how to display
them [display boxes of Magic cards] in the store. So I threw them on the back shelf"

(Binder 44), to "They were begging people to take their stuff [Magic cards] during
conventions" (Kardon 34). However, after a few months, Magic card sales started to
skyrocket. Thus, Wizards of the Coast had to make more and more revised editions of
different sets of Magic cards to satisfy the demand for these cards. Crazed Magic
consumers often might have paid as much as $200 for a Black Lotus card (argued
as the best card for Magic), and also other single cards, topping off around $100!

People started to say "Do I [get] gas or do I get Magic Cards?" (Binder 44). With all
the popularity Magic had obtained, Wizards of the Coast decided to name their world
of Magic--Dominia, and it has expanded at an incredible rate ever since.

A game of Magic

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