Poetry Explictation Essay

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When reading a work of poetry, it is very possible for each reader to grasp the poem?s
concept in a different way. Many poetry works have more than one meaning they can be
described as or have an underlying meaning that some readers may not understand. In order
to fully understand a poem a reader should break down and explicate the poem. Two poems
that a reader may have to do this with are Dudley Randall?s ?Ballad of Birmingham? and
Raymond L. Patterson?s ?Birmingham?.

In Dudley Randall?s ?Ballad of Birmingham? the reader is introduced to a young child.
During this time where there was a lot of racism, this young black child wanted to go
march for her rights, however her mother was very firm on her choice not to let her go.
One of the themes in the poem is lost innocence. Lines 1-4 state