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The search for paradise is the neverending struggle through life for sanctum and inner-peace.

While the knowledge of a single religion can cause doubts of afterlife, the contrast between two culturally

diverse beliefs complicates matters even more; possibly to the point of enlightenment that one man's heaven

is another man's hell. Likewise, the film, BlackRobe, plays on the similarities between Chomina, the Huron

indian tribe leader, and Father LaForgue, the French Jesuit preist and the ultimate respect they gain for

one another despite their cultural and religious diffferences. One must always show respect before one

can expect to receive it however these circumstances come about.

Chomina and Father LaForgue shared the common bond of commitment to a promise. This is

what created the underlying conflict between the two. Chomina had promised to deliver Father LaForgue

to his destiny (a missionary camp set up by other French preist), while at the same time, Chomina had to

stand up for his own cultural beliefs and life-style. On the other hand, LaForgue devotes himself to his god,

country, and the battle to save the souls of these poor Huron savages. Both of their constant efforts to

keep their commitments created much friction between the two, and posed problems of doubt to them.

There was one main factor that lead to Chomina and LaForgue's understanding of one another.


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