Notes & Thoughts On Of Mice And Men

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Notes & thoughts on Of Mice and Men
Written by John Steinbeck. Born in Salinas, Calif. in 1902. Worked as a
laborer and journalist. Focused on the laboring class, dispossessed,
underdogs, misfits, castaways, and marginal characters of society _ what to
do with them? Concerned with how society treats them.

Title is from Robert Burns' poem "To a Mouse" which has to do with planning
and the powers beyond over which man has no control _
"The best laid schemes o'mice an' men *gang aft a-gley" (*go awry)
and it indicates, or suggests, that plans of Lennie and George will also go
astray due to forces beyond their control.

Some economists of the early nineteen hundreds theorized that the
industrialized age builds a permanent underclass and regardless of hopes and
dreams there is no escape because of powers beyond their control. The people
doomed to manual day and piece work labor will never be able to escape from
their dreary day-to-day existence. Steinbeck focuses on the underdog, the
dispossessed, society's misfits and outcasts. What to do with them?

Dreams are a major theme in the novel, dreams that can never materialize.
Steinbeck suggests that society itself encourages dreams, such as Curley's
wife and her dream of becoming a Hollywood star, which can never come to

Characters in Of Mice and Men
Lennie Small
Imaged as pet/animal, child, white race, victim of nature and society, just
pure dumb luck he ended up mentally ill, not his fault, he does not know and
cannot learn. Lennie will be discussed through this outline.

George Milton
Looks after Lennie. Acts as parent, friend, protector, and master. George
does not really believe the dream he continually relates to Lennie about
their one day getting their own place until Lennie brings Candy and his
money contributions into the plan. At that time George says,
"Jesus Christ! I bet we could swing her." George can't see that the dream
will never materialize. He is doomed to day labor and piece work jobs with
no significant gain. George does value Lennie, even loves Lennie, as a
friend and partner. They are different because they have each other. This
shows that George does not have normal relationships with other men. He
relies on a mentally ill man for a friend. Loneliness is also a major theme.
George is lonely and likes Lennie's company. He sees Lennie as a pet,
a friend, a responsibility, and a helpless person. George is victim of a failed
economic system that does not provide

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