Fidler, J.R., Zechmeister, E.B., & Shuaghnessy, J.J. (1988). Memory Fo

This essay Fidler, J.R., Zechmeister, E.B., & Shuaghnessy, J.J. (1988). Memory Fo has a total of 571 words and 3 pages.

Fidler, J.R., Zechmeister, E.B., & shuaghnessy, J.J. (1988). Memory for frequency of hearing popular songs. American Journal of Psychology, 101, 31?49.

"Remember that song we heard the other day? What was it called? I wish I could remember." If this has ever happened to you please listen carefully to what I have to say. The following journal article looks into the question; does frequency correlate with familiarity for the remembrance of songs. The hypothesis was, specifically; people with a high knowledge of certain stimulus area should be able to identify frequency patterns more often than those who had little knowledge of the area. The findings could be used to determine whether or not people high knowledge of that certain stimulus area should be able to recognize the music patterns and process it as meaningful data more than people with low knowledge of that certain area.
The music chosen for the experiment was "well?known" songs, based on music magazine album charts, and unfamiliar songs, chosen for their similar rhythm, instrumentation, and style. The music was recorded onto two tapes made up of 10 second excerpts and separated into "well?known" and unfamiliar.
After trying to identify the artist and title on the tapes, the tapes were replaced by one tape with 52, 10 second excerpts. There were 16 different excerpts repeated one, two, three or four times in a mixed order. For a total of 40 excerpts. The restconsisted of filler songs that were not heard before, but considered familiar. Analyses were carried out using the average frequency estimates for excerpts heard once through four times, the zero?presented items were analyzed separately.
The findings were oddly opposite of what one might expect. THe freque

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