Elezer Habtewold

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Elezer Habtewold
Ms. Riley
Rhet 1302
February 10, 2017
There is hope
Throughout history, we have seen many great speeches that are considered monumental in todays time. What made them so great? Maybe it was the way they connected with their audience, or the way the speech was carried out, or maybe even the famous one liners we all love and remember. Regardless of these reasons, these speeches have managed to last countless years and are still remembered today. But even today, historical speeches are being made by many great pioneers. In his speech at the Standford's graduation ceremony in 2005, Steve Jobs delivered a speech that captivated the young and talented Standford graduating class. "Stay hungry, stay foolish," he said as he concluded his speech. What could that mean exactly? Well, that phrase is one that was strategically placed by Jobs in order to create a lasting impression on his audience. By the use of ethos, pathos, and structuring the speech, Jobs did an excellent job of communicating his thoughts and beliefs to his audience in a precise manner.
In a factually driven world, it's close to impossible to prove a point without showing an array of facts. However, Jobs relies only on his opinion and past events as evidence. His use of stories made a great substitute for the facts that he was lacking. The stories play a huge role in displaying an image of himself that is made to look like the everyday person. He makes himself out to be someone that has overcome the trials and tribulations he's faced. Jobs includes his failure to show the audience that despite his success, he is just like the average person that goes through every day struggles. If his fame and success didn't incline an audience member to listen to him, making himself sound more human definitely will. He breaks down this stereotype that rich and successful people are just handed the success and money without facing any adversity. Developing this image of himself not only displays the use of ethos, but it also allows him to win the hearts of his audience. This also leads to more credibility and deeper connection with the audience.
Suddenly and unexpectedly, Jobs again presents the idea of failure and success, of ups and downs, in order to allow the audience to understand the true measure of success and what it takes to be successful. While maintaining simple language and diction, Jobs utilizes metaphors and imagery in order to evoke pity and despair from the audience whe

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