Early ECE Classrooms Reflection

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Early ECE Classrooms Reflection

If I designed my own facility, there would be some must haves that would be incorporated. The first thing that I would have is a large classroom full of space. I would want to make sure that there was an enough room for the children to be able to learn and play without falling over each other or materials. I would also make sure that the rooms were warm and comforting for the children and their families. I would want the children to enter the classroom feeling comfortable and safe. Just as they would if they were at home. The classrooms would have plants, pets, and other materials that would let the children experience nature and other natural items. Unlike the schoolrooms in the 19th century, my classroom will be filled with different materials filling the centers of the classroom. I would have charts and signs on the walls for the children to look at for reference. The 19th century classrooms were a big room that had a lot of pews and desk. It was filled with children of all ages. There was no ext

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