Describe A Person Who Has Significantly Influenced You

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Describe A Person who has significantly Influenced You

"I shudder at the sight of it. I'd rather see them steal that salad than throw it
away," my father bellows in consternation after witnessing the closing rituals at

"Pa, they do it so they can serve fresh food tomorrow," I defend the fast food
employees' actions.

Despite our past four and a half years in "the Land of Plenty," my father clings
to his frugality and tremendous respect for food, acquired by necessity throughout his
life in the Soviet Union. The sharp contrast between my Americanized perspective
and old views and habits retained by my father makes such debates a common
occurrence. Besides performing all the prescribed functions of a "parental unit," my
father helps me attain objectivity in my judgments by demonstrating how cultural
background affects our view of situations.

Coming to the United States at the age of thirteen felt like falling into a roaring
stream without any swimming skills. Dog paddling, panting, and swallowing gallons of
water on the way, I learned to keep myself afloat and gradually gained experience.
Cultural adaptation was not a choice--it was a survival need. Along with comic strips
and smiles at supermarkets, my mind absorbed such elements of American culture as
equal opportunity and self-confidence. The existence of programs such as English as
a Second Language at my junior high school persuaded me that these concepts were
implemented in daily life. I was thrilled that someone had toiled to ensure that
foreigners like myself had the same access to education as the other students. Thus
convinced of the tangibility of American beliefs, I began to deem them universal.

On the other hand, my father, a 45-year old when we arrived, still perceives
reality in Soviet terms, with

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