comparison essay

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Technological and social advances have led to a great many changes in all aspects of life.
People have changed their way of living, entertaining, working and studying. These changes
have created different forms of learning and teaching methods. Some students prefer taking
private lessons whereas some others prefer learning in a classroom. Even though there are
a great many similarities between private lesson and classroom lesson, there are also
important differences.

To begin with, there are significant similarities between learning through private lesson
and classroom studies. The first similarity is to have a schedule. For example, students ,
both in private lessons and classroom, have to follow a certain schedule. Subjects are
taught according to a program, not randomly. The second similarity is that students have
to do homework in both situations. If students do not do homework, they cannot improve
their knowledge about that lesson. In brief, having a certain schedule and doing homework
are important similarities between private lesson and classroom studies.

Despite similarities, private lesson and classroom studies have some differences as well.
The first difference is to ask questions comfortably. In private lessons, students can ask
their questions comfortably whereas/while students in a classroom cannot do this because
of the high number of students in a classroom. Physical comfort is the second difference
between these two forms. Private lessons can be held in a comfortable room on comfortable
seats and desks or even in a caf? and the student and the teacher can have tea or coffee.