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Have you ever wandered what it would be like to have a
clone, or what it would be like have a twin? Well in a few
years you might be able to clone yourself. That's if they
legalize it in the US

I. What is cloning?

Cloning is the scientific process of combining the DNA
of one organism with the egg of another. Creating a perfect
genetically matched lifeform. In other words getting an
egg and fertilizing it. Then putting it back in the a
surrogate mother.

II. Who cloned Dolly?

Scottish embryologist named Ian Wilmut cloned a Finn
Dorset lamb named Dolly from fully different adult mother
A. Education
Wilmut was born in Hampton Lucey, England, attended the
University of Nottingham for his undergraduate work. In 1971
he received a Ph. D. in animal genetic engineering from
Darwin College of University of Cambridge. In 1974, he
joined the Animal Research Breeding Station in Scotland,
which is now known as the Roslyn Institute, and has
conducted research there ever since.
B. Accomplishments
In 1973, he created the first calf ever produced from a
frozen embryo which he named Frosty. In 1995 he created
Megan and Morag, two Welsh mountain sheep cloned from
differentiated embryo cells.
In July 5, 1996 he created a lamb called dolly, with
the help of Keith Campbell

III. How did they clone Dolly?

In 1990, Wilmut hired cell cycle biologist Keith
Campbell to assist in his cloning studies. Their work
produced its first success with the birth of Megan and
Morag, two Welsh mountain sheep cloned from different embryo
cells. In their success, Wilmut and Campbell pioneered a new
technique of starving embryo cells before transferring their
nucleus to fertilized egg cells. The technique synchronized
the cell cycles of both cells and their results led Wilmut
and Campbell to believe that any type of cell could be used
to produce a clone.
On July 5, 1996, Wilmut and Campbell used the same
process to produce the first clone from adult cells ,a Finn
Dorset lamb named Dolly ,after Dolly Parton. The
announcement left the scientific community shocked as well
as the public, and kicked off a large-scale debate on the
ethics and direction of cloning research.

IV. What other animals did they clone?

February 16, 1998 US Scientists cloned a Holstein co

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