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G.E. Moore: Proof of an External World
Short Essay 2 Taylor Clark 300102126 March 27th 2017 Phil 352 Moore\'s Critique of Kant Moore begins his paper first by distancing himself from Kant and his theory of Non-Realism. He starts with a quote by Kant surrounding the "scandal to philosophy … that the existence of things outside of us … must be accepted merely on faith" (Baillie, 2003 pg. 61). For Kant, all knowledge is of appearances; that is, we can never truly know the nature of objects external to our own perception. Kant think
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Discussion of Frege's Sense and Reference
Discussion of Frege\'s Sense and Reference Taylor Clark 300102126 Feb. 6th 2017 Philosophy 352 Gottlob Frege was a 19th century mathematician and philosopher who made quite the mark in the field of logic and epistemology. Though his discoveries were not recognized until after his death… Motivation As a mathematician, Frege is motivated by the desire to show some sort of objectivity to mathematical knowledge; to do so, he utilised Logicism. By this theory, all mathematical principles can be sh
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Joe Schmo
Joe Schmo Dr. Bryan Corbin Composition 1301 February 7, 2017 ENFP Myers - Briggs Type Indicator Our day to day interactions encompass all aspects of life which can be personal in nature like talking to a child, a spouse, or even just a casual conversation with the next-door neighbor. In my research of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and preparation for this paper, I have learned many things about myself. One of the goals of this indicator is to point out how diverse, varied , and beautifully un
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Aaron Martinez
History 1302 Professor Fitz-Gerald 4/5/2017 History Common Assignment In American Horizons, before the Versailles Treaty was ratified, 39 senators demanded that the League of Nations recognize that the Monroe Doctrine gave the United States preeminence in the Western Hemisphere (pg. 747). Henry Cabolt Lodge argues that article 10 of the league Covenant unfairly restricted America\'s freedom of action (pg. 474). Wilson rejected all criticism of the treaty stating that reopening negotiations woul
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History 1302 Midterm Exam Preparation Guide
History 1302 Midterm Exam Preparation Guide The Midterm Exam takes place March 8 , 2017 and is worth 100 points. You will have the entire period to complete the exam. You do not need to purchase a scantron . Paper will be provided. The test is not open note or open book. Should you finish early, you may leave. If you have to go to the bathroom, you must turn in your test and will not be allowed b ack in to complete it. The Midterm Exam will be composed of Primary Source analysis, True/False, Fi
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Time Management Essays-Various
Top Five Time Management Mistakes Time management is not necessarily working "harder", but rather, "smarter." And to accomplish significantly more in our days, we need not increase our efforts. As an example, in a horse race, the first horse may earn a $50,000 purse and the second horse may earn a $25,000 purse. The first horse gets twice as much money as the second horse, not because it ran twice as far or twice as fast. It was only a "nose ahead" of the competition. So it is with our daily re
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When being proposed the question, What does the
When being proposed the question, "What does the "American Dream" mean to you?" A few ideas come to mind. I think about what the original ideals of the American Dream and visualizes how it has changed over time. In 1931, the phrase "American Dream" was coined by Truslow Adams and was used to describe idealism and material prosperity. Many have the depiction of living in a home with a white picket fence with a family and two dogs. The American Dream was founded on the idea of attaining wealth an
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A totalitarian government is one, generally led by
a single person, in which the government controls everything leaving its citizens with no rights. Everything is contingent upon the government. As seen in the prudent novel "1984" by George Orwell, the citizens are under a complete totalitarian government that restricts all of their activities. They are not allowed to be in relationships, they can not disagree with anything "Big Brother" says, and they\'re constantly under the surveillance of the government. This is parallel to how Adolf Hitler
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Hi Marisa,
How are you doing? I\'m emailing you about my future in Campus Ambassadors. In the next year I will be graduating with my Bachelors degree. God has really showed me that Campus Ambassadors is where he wants me, so after that year I will be going fulltime. He has also put a couple of different options in my path. One is running the MCC Campus Ambassadors and second is planting a new ministry in Florida at a college that does not have any Christian clubs. During this year I want to raise beyond m
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Live Clue 11/2/16
Theme: College Victim: Math Professor -Mean to students/ specifically picked on them during class -Harsh/ Threw stuff at the cafeteria worker. -Plain old mean person Suspects: Frat Boy-? :Failed class before and failing again Over achiever student- Tessa?: Not doing great in class, anxious Always singled out by professor Cafeteria worker- Ashley : Professor always complained about food being made wrong. Threw stuff at her Art Professor- Noah : Math Prof tried to get him fired for the way her ta
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Firstly, it is important to note that this study revealed that overall, honesty, kindness, ambition, good health and a sense of humour were the most valued partner qualities. This finding was consistent with that of Sprecher and Toro-Morn (2003) and Doosje, Rojahn and Fischer (1999); overall, these researchers found in their studies that partners who were honest and trust worthy, and those who were warm, kind ambitious and had a good sense of humour were highly desired by both men and women. On
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Carl Jung
right000 AKA Carl Gustav Jung Born: 26-Jul - 1875 Birthplace: Kessewil , Switzerland Died: 6-Jun - 1961 Location of death: Küssnacht , Switzerland Cause of death: unspecified Remains: Buried, Protestant Church, Küssnacht , Switzerland Gender: Male Race or Ethnicity: White Sexual orientation: Straight Occupation: Psychiatrist Nationality: Switzerland Executive summary: Inventor of the collective unconscious Carl Jung was a Swiss psychiatrist and founder of analytical psychology. He is best kno
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Psychology of Violence
By Student Id# CPSY-2009-0884: Yinka L. Humes MGC5311: Psychology of Violence Lecturer: Dr. Pan sy Brown 15 th November 2010 Violence is the exertion of physical force so as to injure or abuse. The word describes forceful human destruction of property or injury to persons, usually intentional, and forceful verbal and emotional abuse that harms others . The causes of violent behavior in humans are often research topics in psychology and sociology . Neurobiologist Jan Volavka emphasizes that for
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Mental Health & Psychotherapy
Mental Health & Psychotherapy By Student Id# CPSY-2009-0884: Yinka L. Humes MGC5311: Introduction to School Counseling Lecturer: Dr. Patsy Brown 19 th July 2010 Mental health is a term used to describe either a level of cognitive or emotional well-being or an absence of a mental disorder . From perspectives of the discipline of positive psychology or holism mental health may include an individual\'s ability to enjoy life and procure a balance between life activities and efforts to achieve p
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Moral Growth & Development
Moral Growth & Development By Student Id# CPSY-2009-0884: Yinka L. Humes MGC5311: Moral Development Lecturer: Dr. Pan sy Brown 27 th July 2010 Moral deve lopment is the process through which children develop proper attitudes and behaviors toward other people in society, based on social and cultural norms, rules, and laws. Moral development is a concern for every parent. Teaching a child to distinguish right from wrong and to behave accordingly is a goal of parenting. Moral development is a
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Robin Lee
Ms. Kayla Murphy English 9 Sept 21, 2015 Vaccinating Kid Should Be a Parental Choice Life is important and as everybody knows, preventing people from deadly illnesses is also very important. It is strange that some people don \' t believe that vaccinations are effective. Despite years of scientific research and testing, people still choose to be ignorant and hard-headed. Vaccinations should not be a topic of debate because vaccines available have been tested and proven that they are effective.
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Robin Lee
Ms. Kayla Murphy English 9 Aug 26, 2015 Alibaba Investment Puts Snapchat Valuation in Stratosphere Snapchat has gone a long way from where it first begun. It got a lot of attention by teenage and young adult market. O ffering a different kind of app and using advertisements to rake in revenues have proven profitable. P eople always like something new. O ffering a new or unique app gave people something new in social media. A lthough the market share Snapchat got was only of the teens and young
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Nathaniel Christian O. Tan
Mr. Ben Josephson Grade 10 English March 26, 2017 Ode to a Skylark: Commentary on the First Five Stanzas In "To a Skylark," Percy Shelley praises a skylark by treating it as if it was a spirit. By doing this, Shelley opens a new world of imagery that would only be usable by combining the two elements of a skylark and a spirit. Doing so also helps set an atmosphere that fits with the somewhat surreal and beautiful imagery. In addition to this, multiple other literary devices are utilized through
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Thou still unravish'd bride of quietness, 
Thou still unravish\'d bride of quietness,  Cause/Effect: The passage gives human quality to the urn such as making the urn a "bride of quietness". However, as the "bride" is " unravish\'d ", assumably , the urn is innocent and shy (quietness). Maybe the speaker alludes to the frozen picture of the urn? ( quietness ) Interpretation: If something is unravish\'d and quiet, it means that the object obtains a lot of history in it. Thus, the urn is archaic object.        Thou foster-child of
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What leaf-fring'd legend haunts about thy shape
What leaf-fring\'d legend haunts about thy shape Of deities or mortals, or of both, In Tempe or the dales of Arcady? What men or gods are these? What maidens loth? What mad pursuit? What struggle to escape? What pipes and timbrels? What wild ecstasy? Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard Are sweeter; therefore, ye soft pipes, play on; In this stanza, John keats uses imagery to stimulate audience\'s imagination of depiction. Keats vividly paints the depictions on the urn with several quest
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Fatimah Green
Composition 1301 Dr. Corbin 11 April 2017 Equality in America America is known as "land of the free", however, if this is where everyone can be free, why do we have an endless amount of violence and mistreatment? This world is ran on a plethora of significations that fail to improve the safety of our society. Everyda y there are new articles spread in America regarding innocent lives being taken over the color of one\'s skin, sexual orientation, or religious belief. People in America choose to
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Essay nuclear weapons have made the world a more dangerous place GROUP10 Hamad saeed AL shamsi (BSBAW - 171023) Hamad hadef Al shamsi (BSBAW - 171024 ) Khalifa ibrahim alhamadi (BSBAW - 171014 ) Does the spread of nuclear weapons make the world safer or more dangerous? Most people usually have an instinctive reply to this question: Of course, it makes things more dangerous. How could it not? It might seem surprising, therefore, that not all nuclear analysts agree, and the debate remains unresol
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The main objective in the TED talk presentation is
seeing stress as a positive thing in life instead of believing its bad for our health. If you believed that stress was bad for you and if you experienced a good amount of it that you had a 43 percent chance of increasing your death rate. It would be better for you to look at difficult situations as energized and a challenge instead of thinking about impressing; if you do this the stress would be a positive attitude. I think Beowulf would not be a good example for this presentation at TED talks
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Introduction BASKETBALL Bill Buggey & Hailey Kellerman Period: 7 Basketball Then Basketball was first invented in 1891 in Springfield. The creator was Dr. James Naismith (Nov 6 1861-Nov 28 1939) It consisted of peach baskets and a soccer style ball Rules in 1861 The ball may be thrown in any direction with one or both hands The ball may be batted in any direction with one or both hands. A player cannot run with the ball. The player must throw it from the spot on which he catches it, allowan
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#include <iostream> #include <string> using namespace std; int main() double avgRainfall = 0; double totalRainfall = 0; double lowestRainfall; double highestRainfall; string lowestMonth; string highestMonth; string monthNames[] = "January", "Febuary", "March", "April", "May", "June", "July", "August", "September", "October", "November", "December" }; double monthlyTotals[12]; char repeat; do cout << "Enter the rainfall for each month, in inches: " << endl; //Input and po
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Ed Ryan Pinol
Dr. Bryan Corbin Composition 1301 3/20/2017 ENTP Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Our personalities can anticipate our mood, feelings and energy towards each other. It will show how an individual reacts and performs to a task or an obstacle, w hether the ce rtain individual will perform we ll under pressure or crumble down. In my research of the Myers-Briggs type indicator , it gave me the perception about how well our personalities distribute in our everyday life. My personality type is ENTP, as de
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Ed Ryan Pinol
English 1301 Dr. Corbin 2/ 14 /2017 Essay One Assignment Parameters This memoir will show how an obstacle had a great impact in my life. Whether to pursue on my goals or let the popularity of a sport to over shadow the hard work and sacrifices that I\'ve made my whole life . This test will show you how it change d my personal perspective about my ability to adapt and disregard my goals that I obtain for a long time . Going back to middle school is where most of that life changing decision I mad
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Ed Ryan Pinol
History 1302 Fitzgerald 4/5/2017 History common Assignment. Europeans have been fighting among themselves for hundreds of years and it\'s time for that fighting to end. With the League of Nations, Woodrow Wilson will help ensure that the world will live in peace. If all the nations of the world work together, then they will have no reason to fight again. But this is not what the founding father wanted and George Washington himself said we should stay neutral in every war. Signing the Treaty of
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Ed Ryan Pinol
Dr. Bryan Corbin Composition 1301 4/18/2017 Active Voice In most English sentence with an action verb, active voice is the action denoted by the verb. For example: the man must have eaten five hamburgers. In this case the man is the subject and his doing the eating which is the verb. Another simple example is Marilyn mailed the letter. In this case Marilyn is the subject because she is the main person doing the work, mailing the letter. Mailing is the verb in this example. Don\'t get Active voi
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Ashley Wright
Comp 1301 Dr. Corbin Bryan 3/21/17 Research Paper: INFP Personality T he Myers Briggs Type Indicator test is a test in which you can get a better understanding of your specific personality. It gives a common theory of the identification and description of each personality type . I have recently found out I am a Mediator. What is a Mediator? Well, it is my specific personality type. The Mediators fall under the INFP category, this stands for Introvert, Intui tive, Feeling, and Prospecting (16per
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Luka Lacommande Power of states
Luka Lacommande Power of states 1) Read pages 102-111 in your textbook. 2) Go to the following website: 2) Go to the following website: 3) On page 105 of your textbook, it states that the UN has 193 recognized sovereign states in 2009. How many are there today? 193 4) Explain the difference between Legislative Power, Executive Power and Judicial Power. 5) Go to the following website:
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Luka Lacommande KCW 20th century November 3
Luka Lacommande KCW 20th century November 3 After taking a second look at the 3 events you told me to revise, I realized that the assassination attempt of Reagan could be placed into the cold war category. The true definition of terrorism is ‘\' the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims\'\', but this assassination attempt wasn\'t in pursuit for political aims. The shooter, John Hinckley, got his motivation from the movie, Taxi Driver, where an actor attempts an ass
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Luka Lacommande Assignment 10
Luka Lacommande Assignment 10 3b) i) spacing out: When someone is talking to you and you\'re in the moon or the opposite. ii) pretend listening: You\'re barely listening, just enough to be able to have a short response to the speaker. iii) selective listening: only listening to what interests you and the rest you ignore. iv) Only listening to the words, neglecting any body language. vi) Seeing everything from your own point of view. 3c) i) Advice: give a suggestion to someone based on a previou
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Casey Henderson
Dr. Jenkins MCS 100 12 December 2016 Parable of the Sower Parable of the Sower is an extremely elegantly composed science fiction novel by Octavia Butler. The setting takes place in California in the year 2025. The world is no more drawn out affluent and has transformed into an extremely poor place. There are incalculable individuals deprived , occupations are rare and difficult to find, and not very many groups of homes. The couple of groups that are still involved have gigantic dividers with
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Casey Henderson
Harder English 4 11/16/2014 Pilgrim at Tinkers Creek It\'s a cold winter day out in the woods and you hear a pack of wolves howling for food as trees sway in every direction. Rain droplets begin to blind you and you are struggling to find shelter as you realize that nature is out to get you. These are just a few aspects of nature, which overflows with luxury as well as complexity that keeps everyone on their toes. In the s tory Pilgrim at Tinkers Creek, Annie Dillard expresses two different vie
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Casey Henderson
World History 20 th Century Dr. Biggs 2/16/15 Germany As world war one came to end a political transformation began to develop in Germany because universal suffrage was brought into their nation. Many characteristics after the First World War made Germany defenseless to people such as Hitler. Germany was a gory scene throughout the reign of Hitler and a very dark place heading into World War 2. The after math of the Second World War left Germany empty, defeated, and destroyed. Post both world w
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Casey Henderson
History 20 th Century Dr. Biggs 2/24/15 Battle of Algiers and the Return of Algiers Women play important roles in The Battle of Algiers . Discuss how their roles in the film compare with women\'s participation in other struggles of national liberation. In the film The Battle of Algiers, women play an important role on the side of the National Liberation Front, also known as the FLN. Most women were of the Muslim culture while a few were French but ultimately these women helped in many different
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Casey Henderson
12/4/14 Dr. Harder HMNSS Essay Four The touch on the pass is perfect, it lands into the hands of my best receiver as if he was cradling an egg. He gets two feet in the back right corner of the end zone, I have just won on the last play of the game. "YOU SUCK," I scream in my buddies\' face , whom is disgusted. As the room is filled with laughing teenagers, I look over to see that my mom is calling. "Everyone Shut up! My mom is calling me!" This is routine for my friends, the room is now dead si
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Emily Jimenez
Annotated Bibliography English 161 January 27, 2017 Feminism: Gender roles and Equality Hawkesworth, Mary. Globalization and Feminist Activism. Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield, 2006. Print. A feminist can be defined as a person who supports feminism. Feminism is a range of political movement, ideologies and social movement that share the common objective of characterizing, building up and accomplishing political, financial, individual and social right for the women (Hawkesworth 12). In an inte
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Emily Jimenez
Psychology 100 APSP Assignment February 20, 2017 Stuck with Low Self-Esteem? A person with low self-esteem typically feels unworthy, incapable, and anything that can possibly come to mind when you for example, have felt blue or simply dull. All causing, the person to feel poorly about him or herself, these feelings may actually cause the person\'s constant low self-esteem, " self-esteem is a personality trait like neuroticism and extraversion". People with neuroticism tend to have more depresse
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Feminism: Beyonce / visual arts
In the present decades unlike the past, the word ‘feminist\' has become a title to brand anyone who talks and writes about the feminine sex. After all the term is dynamic and it is always discussed and conferenced by both sexes in media and even the internet. Hence, the effect has taken its tall and feminism is now just knowing about and believing it, that all are equal but not taking any measures and fight to it. However being a feminist means being an activist of the feminine sex- not that
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Emily Jimenez
APSP 2 Psychology 100 April 10, 2017 Motivation and Self-Control As an academic Counselor I would first start off by asking the student to take some time to calm down about the situation. I then would tell the student that there is something that can be done about the lack of motivation and self-control, to not feel as if there is no solution to what is occurring. Let\'s begin with defining the theory to the student so he/she can have a clear understanding about why he/she has difficulties with
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Emily Jimenez
English 161 March 27, 2017 Literature Review In the present decades unlike the past, the word ‘feminist\' has become a title to brand anyone who talks and writes about the feminine sex. After all the term is dynamic and it is always discussed and conferenced by both sexes in media and even the internet. Hence, the effect has taken its toll and feminism is now just knowing about and believing it, that all are equal but not taking any measures and fight to it. However being a feminist means bei
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Karen Nash
English Composition I Wk6 Assignment April 11, 2017 Prisoners: Extended Stay All punishment has some aim which serves to justify the suffering that is inflicted on the offender. The main aims are retribution, incapacitation, rehabilitation, and deterrence.             With retribution , punishment is a matter of what is deserved in return for a wrongful act. The punishment is proportionate punishment to the crime, and imposed on the offender for its own sake rather than to bring abou
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Alexzandra Garza.
Literature. Mr. Garcia. 12/15/2016. Screwtape Letters Essay. The chapter is written as a letter, addressed to "my dear Wormwood ." A yet unnamed writer encourages Wormwood to influence "our patient" by controlling what he reads and who he talks to. The writer points out, however, that Wormwood is naive to believe that the best way to influence the patient is to use logic—this has ceased to be the case for at least a few centuries. The writer mentions that Wormwood must keep the patient away f
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Security Posture
Marvin Hugley Sec 200 Intro To Network Security Instructor: Q Miller 11/15/15 Security Managing a small coffee shop you can have tons of system threats. One threat is Wi-Fi. Since your Wi-Fi is going to be public anyone can connect to it. Which means that someone can come into your shop and steal your packets or they can come into your shop and hack into your system. Once there in your system they can take all of your staff and customers information. An attacker could also put a virus on your s
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Marvin Hugley Jr
Tim Welch English 102 March 14, 2017 Canon In The New Testament The process of determining New Testament canon is the study of how the twenty-seven books that are currently part of the New Testament came to be. From the many early Christian writings, only twenty-seven were placed into ecclesiastical canon. The process of researching New Testament canon is the study of how the select list of twenty-seven was formulated. The canonized books of the New Testament are considered sacred scripture, an
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Your Name
Instructor Name Course Number Date Title: Subtitle "The Flea", a witty poem of seduction and conceit, taken from JohnDonne\'s "Songs and Sonets" is the poem that I have chosen to compareto "Song", another poem of John Donne\'s where he is passionatelypleading with his wife not to be disheartened about his departureabroad. Both poems which belong to " Songs and Sonets", written around thetime of the 16th century, show that their title suggests they are bothshort poems, following the traditional
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Marvin Hugley Jr.
Tim Welch English 102 March 5, 2017 Marvin\'s View Of The Flea "The Flea", a witty poem of seduction and conceit, taken from John Donne\'s "Songs and Sonnets" is the poem that I have chosen to compare to "Song", another poem of John Donne\'s where he is passionately pleading with his wife not to be disheartened about his departureabroad.  Both poems which belong to " Songs and Sonnets", written around the time of the 16th century, show that their title suggests they are both short poems, follo
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[System Attack]
[Marvin Hugley] (Day/Day 0:00 - 0:00) [Sec 200 [Intro To Security Instructor: Q Miller 10/21/15 System Attack Security in this day in age is very important. Almost everyone is being attacked. There is the Target attack that affected millions of Americans. There is also the Tmobile attack that recently happened. It affected 15 million Americans. In this paper today I will be talking about the different Network Security Attacks that you might just face. According to The Pentagon gets
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