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  • Seymour is the main character all of the versions of Little Shop of Horrors. He was the owner of Audrey II. Seymour has had a long time crush on Audrey, wanting to marry her ever since he was a child. But he could never voice his opinions due to his shyness and the fact that she had a boyfriend. He is played by Rick Moranis. 1986 Film Edit At Mushnik\'s Flower Shop, Seymour is a floor sweeper and puts the flower pots in range. He doesn\'t get paid Seymour and Audrey II because of how clumsy he i

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  • In thinking of films that are able to exemplify many film elements that are put together in an interesting and organized manner the movie Rumble Fish comes to mind. The director Francis Ford Coppola demonstrates how metaphors are able to help decipher a deeper meaning of the film. Rumble Fish is a film that is about growing up and seeing new things that have never been seen before. The two main characters who are brothers Rusty James and the Motorcycle Boy, experience internal conflicts. Rusty J

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  • characterizations? Are we more likely to champion Helena as a feminist hero (or a virgin hero) or are progressive contemporary patrons more likely to castigate her excessive obsequiousness? Furthermore, do modern spectators jar at the play\'s archaic folk themes? Do we embrace the fairy-tale as we do television sitcoms or do we dismiss the tired plot machinations and mechanical devices? Is there fresh wisdom to be gained from this conventional, 17th century play? Perhaps Shakespeare\'s tale-now

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  • One of the themes that emerge from Shakespeare\'s comedy All\'s Well That Ends Well is the conflict between old and new, age and youth, wisdom and folly, reason and passion. As one critic points out, a simple glance at the characters of the play reveals an almost equally balanced cast of old and young. "In performance it is apparent that the youth of the leading characters, Helena, Bertram, Diana and Paroles, is in each case precisely balanced by the greater age of their counterparts, the Counte

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  • Top 25 songs Birthday x Katy Perry Hips Don’t Lie x Shakira I Gotta Feeling x Black Eyed Peas Get the Party Started x P!nk Dark Horse x Katy Perry Fancy x Iggy Azalea Timber x Pitbull The Monster x Eminem ft Rihanna (IDK about this one bc language) Talk Dirty to Me x Jason Derulo (IDK about this one either) Turn Down For What x DJ Snake & Lil John Team x Lorde Can’t Hold Us x Macklemore Locked Out of Heaven x Bruno Mars Wake Me Up x Avicii Can’t Remember to Forget You x Shakira ft Rihanna Sweate

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  • 享受音乐是很重要的。我一直觉得只有先学会享受音乐,才能找到音乐的感觉。毕竟,音乐归根结底是让人愉悦享受的,一个不会享受音乐的

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  • Concert Review 1 I am doing a review on the Eastview Patriots Marching Band. This is only their second year performing, so thought it would be interesting to see how they did. I went to see their halftime show on October 18th. The percussion section was set up completely on the sidelines, while the rest of the band marched on the field in groups of ten or so spread out over the center of the field. The band consist of 95 students. Broken down into sections they would consist of 18 percussionist,

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  • “Xander Harris: The Guy Who Fixes the Windows” At its heart, Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a story about empowerment. It is a television show that turns horror movie tropes upside down and transforms the stereotypical scared, blonde cheerleader into someone to be feared. Joss Whedon has been quoted as saying: “The first thing I ever thought of when I thought of Buffy, the movie, was the little, blonde girl who goes into a dark alley and gets killed, in every horror movie. The idea of Buffy was to

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  • The movie/ mini-series I selected for this assignment is “North and South”. It was directed by Richard T. Heffron, from a script adaptation by Patricia Green, Douglas Heyes, Paul F. Edwards, and Kathleen A. Shelley. It was produced by David L. Wolper, Paul Freeman, Rob Harland, and Chuck McLain, with music by Bill Conti and Stevan Larner as cinematographer. Wolper also produced 1986\'s North and South: Book II with his son Mark Wolper, as well as Stephanie Austin and Robert Papazian. Conti retur

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  • British period drama Downton Abbey has become a global sensation since hitting our screens in 2010. An almost instant hit in the UK, series two cemented Downton as a worldwide "phenomenon" and one of the UK\'s biggest exports, with more than 100 countries owning the rights to broadcast the show. The series is set in the fictional Downton Abbey, a Yorkshire country house, the seat of the Earl and Countess of Grantham, and follows the lives of the aristocratic Crawley family and their servants dur

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  • 1) As compared to singing style of the Gregorian Chant we listened to, what do you notice is the same or different in the vocal style of this singer? The Gregorian Chants we listened to involved unaccompanied, monophonic music for voices. Most Gregorian chants consist of simple recitation on a monotone with only slight deviations from that single pitch. In comparison with Gregorian Chants, the vocal style of this singer is melismatic. The singer stretches the lyrics to add to the sad mood of th

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  • MTV Everyone remembers Michael Jackson\'s red leather jacket covered with zippers and the sexy style of Madonna. MTV, or music television, nationally publicizes these images and entertainers, and others like them. The station also promotes an idealized teen lifestyle, reflecting the images of these famous artists, that contrasts with the realities of the Generation X lifestyle. While some view the station as illustrated radio or an entertainment network for viewers\' pleasure, others more accura

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  • 1.The movie alludes to both Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz. Trinity tells Neo to "follow the white rabbit," as Alice did, and he does.Morpheus tells Neo that he has fallen down the rabbit hole and he may find out how deep the hole goes. Neo is given a choice between the blue pill and the red pill, as Alice was enticed to "Eat Me" and " Drink Me. " Another cybernaut tells Neo, "Fasten your seat belt, Dorothy, \'cause Kansas is goin\' bye bye." . How do these references to other psychic

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  • With his latest offering, "Finding Forrester ", director Gus Van Sant redeems himself for his completely unnecessary color photocopy of "Psycho" from 1998. " Finding Forrester ", which details the bond that develops between two writers, an aged Pulitzer Prize-winner and a teenage boy from the Bronx, shares many similarities with Van Sant\'s mainstream calling card from 1997, ??Good Will Hunting". With an elderly mentor who has lost faith in both himself and the world, a pupil who prefers to hide

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  • Jimi Hendrix Jimi Hendrix perhaps no other rock-and-roll trailblazer was as original or as influential in such a short span of time as Jimi Hendrix. Widely acknowledged as one of the most daring and inventive virtuosos in rock history, Hendrix pioneered the electric guitar (he played a right-handed Fender Stratocaster- his "Electric Lady"-upside-down and left-handed) as an electronic sound source capable of feedback, distortion, and a host of other effects that could be crafted into an articulat

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  • Become a Critic April L. Martin HUM/176 May 15, 2011 Greg Enos Become a Critic (Thesis Statement) Reality television has become a staple in American culture. The Real Housewives of New Jersey follows countless life experiences of a select group of women. Through these journeys, friendships are made, and bonds are broken. According to April Martin Review -Adjectives, and Adverbs ( 2011), ?The Real Housewives of New Jersey, offers a dynamic of surprisingly, ambitious women. The Manzo family seems

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  • Many bands are begun in high school with just a guitar, a set of drums, a garage, and a few good friends with the same passion for music, but not many rise to the status that Incubus has excelled themselves to in the years following high school. Throughout the past fifteen years, they have written and produced over sixteen albums and sold over sixty-five million albums worldwide (Sheffield p.1). With such hefty accomplishments already at their feet, they have propelled their names to the top of

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  • Johann Sebastian Bach Johann Sebastian Bach was born on March 21, 1685 he died on July 28, 1750. He was born in the city Eisenach, Saxe-Eisenach. His mother is Maria Elisabeth Lammerhirt. His father is Johann Ambrosius Bach, who was the director of the Stadtpfeifer or the towns? musicians. He was the youngest one of his family. His father taught him how to play the harpsichord and the violin. His Uncle Johann Christoph Bach taught him how to play the organ. At the age of 10 years old he became a

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  • Psychology is one of my favorite courses that I am taking this semester. Before taking this course, I thought it was a course designed to teach people how to deal with patients with mental health issues. Needless to say I now know better. Chapter one was the most significant to me because it shed a whole new light into what I thought was Human Growth and Development. After each class, I see the reality of what I have just learned in class. Most of the chapters we studied were very interesting to

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  • She speaks for the mood of a race, a race that for centuries has built the nation of America, literally, with blood, sweat, and passive acceptance. She speaks for black Americans who have been second class citizens in their own home too long. She speaks for the race that would be patient no longer that would be accepting no more. Mrs. Hamer speaks for the African Americans who stood up in the 1950\'s and refused to sit down. They were the people who led the greatest movement in modern American h

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  • The music publishing industry at a glance would seem to be those who print sheet music, method books, lead sheets, and all of the texts or notated music that musicians (and those aspiring to be musicians) use. Years ago, this was what most music publishers did, but as the industry has evolved the process that become much more complex. Music is not just ink and paper, intellectual material and property to the individual who writes it. Therefore the song does not become ?a song? when it is written

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  • Note: There are many more divisions of music that could be listed. This is a brief list of those most relevant to Gothic. It is in no way official or definitive, but it is a general and helpful guide. Alternative: This is the umbrella term for all music that is not part of the mainstream, includes such divisions as Punk, Modern, Gothic, Industrial, Techno, Ska, etc. Originally intended to mean music that is different, underground, avant-garde, not part of the mainstream, not popular. The term ha

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  • Monotheism The baroque period was characterized by a heroic, dramatic and emotional theme. With well know names like Rembrant, Bach, Pennini, Caravaggio, Bernini, Tintoretto, Velasques, Poussin, Handel, and Rubens, the period produced many popular pieces of music and art. The art of the period was filled with movement, light versus shadow, and the use of the whole surface. The composers incorporated new ideas into their music such as different major and minor scales, the use of the violin, a reg

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  • Johann Sebastian Bach James Dorney December 18, 1999 Music History 1 Mr. Kimball Johann Sebastian Bach A Great Contributor Of Music Throughout the history of music, many great composers, theorists, and instrumentalists have left indelible marks and influences that people today look back on to admire and aspire to. No exception to this idiom is Johann Sebastian Bach, whose impact on music was unforgettable to say the least. People today look back to his writings and works to both learn and admire

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  • I am a qualified Administrative Assistant with four year\'s experience serving executive management for a large manufacturing company. My qualifications include extensive PC knowledge, customer service skills, itinerary planning, and report writing. I was recently discussing these qualifications with Mary Smith, Vice President of Marketing. Mary believes that I am uniquely qualified for a position in your office. Although my resume is actively on file with Human Resources, Mary suggested that I

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  • Television Dramas The viewer positioning in television dramas play a very important and critical part in how the drama is portrayed to the audience, and hence this gives an idea on how successful the show will be. Dawson\'s Creek is a relatively new TV drama aimed at teenagers and the issues they face and have to deal with in society today. The viewer positioning, in relation to the show\'s themes, construction and values will be discussed and analysed. The "Pilot" episode (first episode of Daw

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  • Impact Of Music Fifteen people died on April 20th 1999. Two misunderstood teens went to school and killed 12 people and then themselves(Manson). On October 6th, 1998 a man was beaten, robbed and left tied to a fence. He died 6 days later(Boston). Both of these cases are a focus for something that no one would ever think could cause such harm. Music. Both of these have a focus of music and the negative impact that it has on the youth. Music is a way to express your self, an outlet for emotions an

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  • On Quake, Marilyn Manson, Doom, The Matrix, And How They Corrupt America\'s Youth Disclaimer: I do not promote youth violence, but even if I did, it\'s the parent\'s job to make sure my opinion doesn\'t affect their children. Do I really have to say anything else? The disclaimer say enough, but to drive my point across, I\'ll repeat it in several different ways in the next few paragraphs. First of all, I want to say that I am 100% against censorship. It totally goes against a little law called T

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  • Kiss The Hype What is hype? Hype is defined as promotional publicity of an extravagant or contrived kind. It is used to lure the consumer to a certain product or an event of some kind. The competition for the consumer\'s attention is intense and even desperate at times. Throughout the 1970\'s, there was a vast machinery of hype surrounding the music industry. Some of what came out of it was original and imaginative, but some was deceptive and outrageous. Whatever it was, it was all aimed at the

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  • Mrs. Hamer She speaks for the mood of a race, a race that for centuries has built the nation of America, literally, with blood, sweat, and passive acceptance. She speaks for black Americans who have been second class citizens in their own home too long. She speaks for the race that would be patient no longer that would be accepting no more. Mrs. Hamer speaks for the African Americans who stood up in the 1950\'s and refused to sit down. They were the people who led the greatest movement in modern

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  • Martin Scorsese Martin Scorsese. Movie critic, Roger Ebert, has called him a “directing god”. He has been called the “most influential and best director of their time” by fellow director, George Lucas. Director Martin Scorsese has been an influential director for the past twenty years. In the 60’s class of directors that included, Francis Ford Coppola, George Lucas, Brian De Palma, and Steven Spielberg. Scorsese ranks with this class of artists, and his movies have

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  • Jimi Hendrix Jimi Hendrix, the greatest guitarist in rock history, revolutionized the sound of rock. In 1967, the Jimi Hendrix Experience rocked the nation with their first album, Are You Experienced?. Hendrix\'s life was cut short by the tragedy of drugs in 1970, when he was only twenty seven years old. In these three years the sound of rock changed greatly, and Hendrix\'s guitar playing was a major influence. Jimi was born in Seattle, Washington on November 27, 1942. As a young boy, whenever t

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  • Composers Of 19th And 20th This essay will consist of information about nine composers and one piece of work that they are known for dating from 1862 to 1990. The names of these composers are: Aaron Copeland, Claude Debussy, Charles Ives, Scott Joplin, Bessie Smith, Louis Armstrong, Leonard Berstein, Igor Stravinsky, and Arnold Schoenberg. The first composer I will discuss will be Aaron Copeland (1900 ? 1990). Mr. Copeland was born in Brooklyn, New York USA to Russian American immigrant parents

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  • J.S. Bach\'S Organ Fugue In G Minor ANALYSIS: J.S. BACH’S ORGAN FUGUE IN G MINOR Bach’s Organ Fugue in G Minor contains a six measure subject with a tonal answer. The countersubject first appears in the top voice in the last beat of the sixth measure. However, instead of a total repetition, there are variations of the countersubject prevalent in the remaining voices. For example, only the first two measures of the countersubject appear in the second voice with the rest free material,

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  • Duke Ellington The Harlem Renaissance was an era full of life, excitement, and activity. The world in all aspects was in gradual recovery from the depression. The world of music was expanding, sharing it\'s enthusiasm throughout the world. The evolution of jazz aroused the curiosity of the nation. As Blacks received their freedom, they were able to express themselves as talented individuals. Certain blacks contributed immensely to the era of jazz, for example, Duke Ellington. Ellington entered a

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  • Theodore Holst Holst- The Planets Suite Gustav Theodore Holst was born on the 21st of September 1874. His great-grandfather came from Sweden, which made his Father Swedish and his Mother was English. He studied at the Royal College of England, with the trombone as his main instrument. He hadn\'t started with the trombone in the beginning, but moved onto it after neuritis affected his first instrument, the piano. One of his close friends was the great British composer, Ralph Vaughan Williams. Hol

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  • The Dj The DJ About fifteen years ago a culture was born. In Europe a new type of music was being created. Something new, something fresh. A music fueled by throbbing beats over rattling bass. This is electronic music. The mastermind behind this whole up and coming culture was and is the DJ. In the past five years have become more and more popular everyday. Some people who are not aware of this music or this culture might argue that being a DJ is not a serious profession for various reasons. Thr

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  • Moldau By Smetana Composer: Bedrich Smetana Work Title: The Moldau. For my first selection of music for this final project I chose "The Moldau" by Bedrich Smetana. The reason I chose this piece was first, it is a symphonic poem and second, because it perfectly exemplified the use of nationalist style and word painting. The Moldau is a symphonic poem representing Nationalist pride for Smetana\'s country. It is the second of six symphonic poems from the orchestral piece "My Country". A symphonic

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  • Although resources are not the most important part of education, there are several components that help to develop an environment in which music flourishes. Like any other classroom, a music classroom should be equipped with basics such as a chalkboard and desks. The best chalkboards include sections that are lined with the lines of a musical staff. It is also desirable to have a room large enough to allow activities that include movement. It is important that the teacher has access to instrumen

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  • Societies Realization Of Rock Societies realization of Rock by Karen The cultural establishment of the 50\'s was one of prosperity and rules. Authority figures were respected. There was a right and wrong. There were accepted ways of doing things and white people did what was expected of their class. Children and teenagers of the early \'50\'s followed these rules obediently and unquestioningly. Then the middle \'50\'s changed lives of Americans forever. They invented rock\'n\'roll. The establish

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  • The British Rock Band - The Beatles The Beatles to this day are one of the most famous and popular rock \'n roll groups in the world. The Beatles include George Harrison, John Lennon(1940-1980), Paul McCartney, and Richard Starkey(Ringo Starr). All of the Beatles where born and raised in Liverpool, England. John Lennon was considered the leader of the band. George Harrison was the lead guitarist. John Lennon was a song writer, one of the two lead singers, and rhythm guitarist. Paul McCartney was

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  • Barqoue And Modern Flute In Composition A comparative study of the use of the barqoue and modern flute in composition, with specific reference to – Sonata IV for flute and continuo by J.S Bach, and Sonata for flute and piano by Hindemith The baroque, or transverse flute is of great interest to me, mainly because of my own flute playing experience. Since listening to a concert which included both a modern orchestra and a baroque orchestra playing together in a specially written composition,

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  • Episcopal Mass Music of the Episcopal Mass A Humorous approach Jacob Sconyers On Sunday, December 3 I attended the Solemn Mass at the Church of the Advent, in the North End. Now, you have to understand that I am religiously challenged, at best. I\'ve been to my share of weddings and funerals, but growing up I averaged one regular church service every year or two. When I did go, it was either to Hardshell Baptist or Dunkard Bretheren services, with my father or mother\'s side of the family, respe

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  • Hip Hop Hip Hop is an art form that includes deejaying, rapping, breakdancing, and graffiti art. Hip Hop originated in the South Bronx section of New York City around the mid 1970\'s. It been strong for years in black and Puerto Rican communities in New York and has recently started gaining success from widespread exposure. A large part of Hip Hop is rapping the origination of this gets its roots from a Jamaican art form known as toasting. Artists like James Brown, The Last Poets, and Gil Scott

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  • A Critique Of Two Concerts Music is one of the most unique performing arts due to the way it has evolved. Styles and melodies considered unfit in one era are displayed prominently in another. The two concerts previewed in this report have two different and distinct techniques. The first performance that I attended was a symphonic concert playing a mix of contemporary and early 20th century works at Carnegie Hall. The second performance was an organ recital highlighted by the by the live performa

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  • Sling Blade How did Carl relate to: 1. Linda: Carl acted respectfully toward Linda. He was generous. When he left he dropped off his savings, and fixed the washing machine. He told Linda how she was a good mother and how Frank\'s eyes light up when he is around her. He told Linda how much he appreciates her attitude towards him, making him biscuits at night and providing him with a place to stay. Carl can also be considered a kind of a protector to Linda. If you think about it, Carl is much soph

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  • Mtv MTV Everyone remembers Michael Jackson\'s red leather jacket covered with zippers and the sexy style of Madonna. MTV, or music television, nationally publicizes these images and entertainers, and others like them. The station also promotes an idealized teen lifestyle, reflecting the images of these famous artists, that contrasts with the realities of the Generation X lifestyle. While some view the station as illustrated radio or an entertainment network for viewers\' pleasure, others more ac

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  • Claudio Monteverdi: His Life And Contributions A comparison of two major Baroque composers: Claudio Monteverdi and Domenico Scarlatti The purpose of this paper is to analyze two psalms by Claudio Giovanni Antonio Monteverdi (1567-1643) and Giovanni Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757) and compare and contrast the two pieces to find out how music changed throughout the Baroque period. While historians grouped music of the Baroque period together based on certain characteristics, the music did not remai

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  • Music, Feelings And Arts Music is sound arranged into pleasing or interesting patterns. It forms an important part of many cultural and social activities. People use music to express feelings and ideas. Music also serves to entertain and relax. Like drama and dance, music is a performing art. It differs from such arts as painting and poetry, in which artists create works and then display or publish them. Musical composers need musicians to interpret and perform their works, just as playwrights n

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