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  • The National Socialist German Workers’ Party almost died one morning in 1919. It numbered only a few dozen grumblers’ it had no organization and no political ideas. But many among the middle class admired the Nazis’ muscular opposition to the Social Democrats. And the Nazis themes of patriotism and militarism drew highly emotional responses from people who could not forget Germany’s prewar imperial grandeur. In the national elections of September 1930, the Nazis garnered

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  • The Writing of the Constitution On July 2, 1776, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Robert Livingston, Roger Sherman, and Thomas Jefferson finished the final draft of their Declaration of Independence. Two days later, on July 4, delegates from the Continental Congress passed the declaration unanimously. The declaration contained a basic but integral principle which is important even today, and justified the independence movement for the newly formed United States of America. The preamble to the decl

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  • Napoleon World History Term paper Napoleon was one of the most influential people in the history of the world. He has affected people throughout the globe in many ways. He rose through the confusion of the French revolution to become Emperor of the French. His goal was to conquer all of Europe. Through out his lifetime he nearly succeeded in his goal. Napoleon was probably one of the greatest military leaders that ever lived. Napoleon Bonaparte, who is also known as the little Corsican”, w

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  • Atomic Bomb August 6th, 1945, 70,000 lives were ended in a matter of seconds. The United States had dropped an atomic bomb on the city of Hiroshima. Today many argue over whether or not the US should have taken such a drastic measure. Was it entirely necessary that we drop such a devastating weapon? Yes, it was. First, look at what was going on at the time the decision was made. The U.S had been fighting a massive war since 1941. Morale was most likely low, and resources were probably at the sam

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  • Thomas Jefferson: His Presidential Legacy Thomas Jefferson: His Presidential Legacy Thomas Jefferson, our third president, was born in 1743 in Virginia. He studied at William and Mary and then read the law. In 1772, he married a widow lady, Martha Skelton and he took her to live at his partially completed home at Monticello, the plantation consisting of approximately 5,000 acres that he inherited from his father. Mr. Jefferson was considered to be a gifted writer, but he was not a public speaker

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  • George Washington Steven Sims Social Studies 8-6 4/5/99 Born February 22, 1732, in Westmoreland County, he was the first son of his father Augustine\'s second marriage; his mother was the former Mary Ball of Epping Forest. When George was about three, his family moved to Little Hunting Creek on the Potomac, then to Ferry Farm opposite Fredericksburg on the Rappahannock in King George County. In the interim, the powerful Fairfax family of neighboring Belvoir introduced him to the accomplishments

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  • Anthem The word ?I? makes one an individual. In Ayn Rand\'s Anthem the word ?I? is lost and there is no individual. Just the collective people working for a common goal. The individual cannot survive in this world because it is a sin to set yourself apart as an individual. If it is a sin to be an individual wouldn\'t it be impossible to live without sinning. Equality 7-2521 lives in this world and he is beginning to think there is something more. So therefore a conflict springs forth from what

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  • With the help of a Union Victory during the Civil war, the reconstruction era had pushed forth bringing with it social and constitutional developments that evolved into an abyss of controversy and debate. Occurring mainly between the years 1860-1877, these developments necessitated a change. The social and constitutional developments, although they may have seemed beneficial at the time, would lead to a revolution in the future and continue to do so in today?s world. A major premise in the begin

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  • History of Psychology History of Psychology Academics have always been interested in how the mind works and indeed psychology has existed in one form or another for many years, but other subjects, especially philosophy, have often overshadowed it. Often it was seen as not scientific and philosophical in the sense that there seemed to be no concrete answers within the subject. Now it is one of the most popular subjects to study and has a firm place within the sciences. It is interesting to consid

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  • America\'s involvement in World War Two When war broke out , there was no way the world could possibly know the severity of this guerre. Fortunately one country saw and understood that Germany and its allies would have to be stopped. America\'s Involvement in World War two not only contributed in the eventual downfall of the insane Adolph Hitler and his Third Reich, but also came at the precise time and moment. Had the united states entered the war any earlier the consequences might have been w

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  • Viking Raids On England Viking Raids On England From 793 to 1066, England was terrorised by Viking warriors. These were people from Scandinavia, especially Danmark and Norway. Scandinavia at the time had a growing population and with inland areas inhospitable, the vikngs looked overseas for new territories and wealth. "In the year 793, the pagans from the north came to Britain like stinging hornets..." wrote an early Saxon chronicler about the first Viking raid on England. The Vikings had struck

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  • Kurt Vonnegut Kurt Vonnegut\'s character Billy Pilgrim, in Slaughterhouse-Five, is an American soldier in Europe in the last year of World War II. What he sees and does during his six months on the battlefield and as a prisoner of war have dominated his life. He comes to terms with the feelings of horror, guilt, and despair that are the result of his war experiences by putting the events of his life in perspective. He reorganizes his life by using the device of "time travel." Unlike everyone el

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  • Comparison Of The Greek Relgion In The Iliad To Christianity  1 16 March 1999 Comparison of the Greek religion in the Iliad to Christianity Throughout the Iliad of Homer there can be seen many features of the Greek religion. The features of religion that appear throughout this epic poem are those that existed during the time of Homer. By taking a better look at theses main features it can be seen that they are similar to those of Christianity today. Some of the existing main features of

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  • Stalin\'s Purges There are many different types of insectides and pesticides. Aldrin is a an insecticide which is one of several isomers, compounds that have the same make-up but different structure of hexachlorohexahydrodimethanonaprthalene which is a chlorinated hydrocarbon. Aldrins were first prepared in the late 40s, it comes as a light tan or brown solid or as a powder. Aldrins are the result of the reaction of hexachlorocyclopentadiene with bicycloheptadiene, which both come from hydrocarb

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  • Joan of Arc St. Joan of Arc In French Jeanne d\'Arc; by her contemporaries commonly known as la Pucelle (the Maid). Born at Domremy in Champagne, probably on 6 January, 1412; died at Rouen, 30 May, 1431. The village of Domremy lay upon the confines of territory which recognized the suzerainty of the Duke of Burgundy, but in the protracted conflict between the Armagnacs (the party of Charles VII, King of France), on the one hand, and the Burgundians in alliance with the English, on the other, Dom

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  • Isaac Storm The Storm of 1900 On Friday evening, September 7, 1900, many of the 37,000 residents of Galveston, Texas, were settling down to dinner, few if any of them concerned about the steady 15 mph northerly wind rattling their windows. Within 48 hours, at least 8,000 of the townspeople would be dead, victims of the single worst natural disaster in U.S. history. Relatively few people are aware that the deadliest natural disaster in the United States was the hurricane that struck Galveston Isl

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  • The Colonization Of China The Colonization of Hong Kong Colonization from large economic powers brought disease and death to the indigenous population and wealth and power to their conquers. Many civilizations were crushed under the rule of European Superpowers though Hong Kong was the exception. The colonization of Hong Kong made the British wealthy and the indigenous population also reaped the benefits of their newfound wealth The insisted that China should trade with the rest of the world in

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  • Beowulf The Sale of Christianity When reading Beowulf, one must carefully consider the time era with which it is associated with. Consider, if you will, a life that has been based upon numerous fictitious Gods and Goddesses. Your life was truly fated to be whatever the Gods wanted it to be, anything could be blamed on, ?fate.? The afterlife could have been possibly the hardest bit to swallow. Only soldiers dying in battle could gain admission to their form of salvation, named Valhalla, which was

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  • Women Work On Factories During the 19th and early 20th centuries, women have made great strides towards equality. The 19th century saw the emergence of women entering the work force, gaining economic freedom, starting and participating in movements and most importantly, challenging the traditional and excepted role of women. Along the path for women’s social and economic freedom, there were many detours and barriers, as well as exceptional opportunities for their advancement. The first maj

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  • WWII - Prisoners of War Dear: The International Red Cross I am writing a letter to you today to mention how the prisoners of war were treated throughout the second world war. If you have never been a Prisoner of War (POW), you are extremely lucky. The prisoners of war during the World War II, (1939-1945) were treated poorly with no respect or consideration and were given the living conditions worse than animals. It was an extremely bad situation that no human being could survive. They were mistr

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  • I believe that it is the music of our time that will be remembered long after we are gone, and it is bands like Oasis that led the revolution which took place recently. Oasis, headed by brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher was the first band after The Beatles to lash out against what had become the normal way a band should be, and that is why they will be known for years to come as the band who changed rock music. Noel Gallagher was born on May 29, 1967 in Manchester, he was the second son of Thomas

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  • Gilgamesh Gilgamesh Essay over The Epic of Gilgamesh The main character in the book The Epic of Gilgamesh is Gilgamesh himself. Throughout the book, many things cause Gilgamesh to change. First, the quest for immortality after the death of Enkidu shows that Gilgamesh has changed. Gilgamesh has gone from arrogant to scared. Second, the death of Humbaba changes Gilgamesh. Enkidu is made to make Gilgamesh more human. Enkidu and Gilgamesh become as close as brothers. Were Enkidu and Gilgamesh lovers

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  • The Six-Day War The Six-Day War is a war between Israel and the Arab countries of Egypt, Jordan and Syria, which were helped by Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Algeria. The war took place in June 1967. Background The war began because of the general struggle between Israel and the Arabs which had been going on since Independence. After Israel withdrew from the Sinai in 1957, the U.N. put soldiers there to try and keep the peace. But, before the 1967 war, Egyptian president Nasser expelled

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  • Alexander The Great Alexander the Great and His Achievements Alexander the Great was the king of Macedon. Alexander of Macedon, or ancient Mecadonia, deserves to be called the "Great". Alexander the Great was considered one of the greatest military geniuses of all times. He was an excellent king, general, and conqueror. During his thirteen-year rule he conquered almost all the then known world and gave a new direction to history. He had established an empire after he died. His new empire helped

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  • Epic Heroes Furthermore, we have not even to risk the adventure alone, for the heroes of all time have gone before us. The labyrinth is thoroughly known. We have only to follow the thread of the hero path, and where we had thought to find an abomination, we shall find a god. And where we had thought to slay another, we shall slay ourselves. Where we had thought to travel outward we will come to the center of our own existence. And where we had thought to be alone, we will be with all the world.

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  • Vietnam War and LBJ To many, the 1960\'s could definately be considered one of the most controversial decades of this century. It was a time in which many mistakes were made evolving around the Vietnam War which resulted in the immense suffering of two nations. The war had many casualties; along with the death of soldiers and civilians, LBJ\'s presidency and the \'Great Society\' also were killed by the war. The US\'s fear of the domino theory led them in an attempt to control the spread of comm

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  • Fluctuating Immigration Policy And The Economy During the various decades of 1920 to 1960, immigration policy toward Mexicans was influenced by America’s economic status at each decade. During this period there was much fluctuation in attitudes and policies toward immigration. America saw immigration policy go from an almost invisible border in the 1920’s to massive military-like roundups of immigrants in the 1950’s. During the 1920’s while the Immigration act of 1924 was

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  • Hospitality Tourism Brevard County Tourism D. Grulich 12/8/98 Brevard County is a nice place to visit for the sun, surf, and sand. In addition to the beautiful beaches of Brevard there are other attractions tourists to the area frequent. Such attractions consist of the Kennedy Space Center, Ron Johns Surf Shop, the Astronaut Hall of Fame, the Ace of Hearts Ranch, the Sebastian Inlet and Reserve, the famous Wednesday night Jamaican-Me-Crazy night at the Holiday Inn Melbourne Oceanfront, Cape Cana

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  • The Fall of Communism in Russia The Reasons for the fall of Socialism/Communism and the Troubles of Starting the New Democratic System in the Russian Federation "Let\'s not talk about Communism. Communism was just an idea, just pie in the sky." Boris Yeltsin (b. 1931), Russian politician, president. Remark during a visit to the U.S. Quoted in: Independent (London, 13 Sept. 1989). The fall of the Communist regime in the Soviet Union was more than a political event. The powerful bond between econo

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  • Oliver Cromwell Oliver Cromwell, a Puritan fundamentalist and undefeated commander of the Ironsides, forever changed the history of England with, perhaps, what he did not do, rather than what he did do after the success of the insurrection he led against Charles. Though rather unsuccessful as a politician, Cromwell, single-handedly redefining the art of war and military strategy, proved to be one of the greatest military geniuses of all time. Despite the professionally trained forces that often

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  • The Julian Emperors were the emperors of Rome that were related to Julius Caesar, hence the name. There were four of them that ruled from A.D.14 to A.D.68. Some of them were related to him vaguely, but legally they were still related to him. The first person in the Julian Empire was Tiberius. He was born in Rome on November 16, 42. When he was four, his mother divorced his father and married the Emperor Augustus. He had Tiberius educated on the art of war, and had him command an expedition to Ar

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  • Jfk Assassination Conspiracy or Single-gunman? Adolf Hitler, the Nazi dictator of Germany during World War II, once said, The bigger the lie, the more people will believe it. Although this may sound absurd, we can see many examples of this in the world\'s history. One example would have to be the John Fitzgerald Kennedy assassination. For over thirty years the people of the United States were led to believe that a single gunman had shot and killed Kennedy in Dallas on November 22, 1963, at 12:30

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  • United Nations Research Paper. What Was The United Nations Role As Peacekeeping Force In The North Korean Conflict TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION-2 The birth of the United Nations BACKGROUND -3 The idea of peacekeeping KOREA -4 The Korean War The UN\'s role in the Korean conflict ? UNTCOK & UNCOK -4 ? UNKURK -4 ? Military forces in Korea - the final action -6 Conclusion -7 Bibliography -8 -1- Introduction The birth of the United Nations On August 14th, 1941, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, president

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  • Kosovo Conflict The Balkans have been a very unstable region for hundreds of years. The reason for contention is because of ethnic origin and disputes of which race owns which land.. That is the reason for the dispute over Kosovo is because of the same thing. This is a very complicated situation, that I don\'t really know everything about. I just kind of know the basics. Back in the 1500 hundreds, the Serbs conquered the Kosovo area, slowly and gradually over the years the Ethnic Albanians star

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  • Was The Articles Of Confederation An Efficent Form Of Government? The articles of confederation were a somewhat effective form of governmnt for the newly founded united states. It was ineffective in many ways but it did however provide for successfull distrubution of newly accouired lands that are still in use today.. One of the main reasons the Articles of Confederation were ineffective was because for congress to pass any bill it had to have a unamoius vote. This was nearly impossible due to b

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  • Leonardo Da Vinci Leonardo DA Vinci (1452-1519), Florentine artist, one of the great masters of high Renaissance, celebrated as a painter, sculptor, architect, engineer, and scientist. His profound love of knowledge and research was the keynote of both his scientific and artistic endeavors. His innovations in the field of painting influenced the course of Italian art for more than a century after his death, and his scientific studies, particularly in the fields of anatomy, optics, and hydraulics

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  • Napoleon Biography Napoleon was born on August 15, 1769 in Ajaccio, Corsica, and was given the name Napoleone Buonaperte. He was the second of eight children of Carlo and Letizia Buonaperte, both of the Corsican-ltalian gentry. Before Napoleone, no Buonaparte had ever been a professional soldier. His father Carlo, was a lawyer who had fought for Corsican independence, but after the French occupied the island in 1768, he served as a prosecutor and ajudge and entered the French aristocracy as a co

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  • Two years after the death of Mao Zedong in 1976, it became apparent to many of China\'s leaders that economic reform was necessary. During his tenure as China\'s premier, Mao had encouraged social movements such as the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution which had had as their bases ideologies such as serving the people and maintaining the class struggle. By 1978 "Chinese leaders were searching for a solution to serious economic problems produced by Hua Guofeng, the man who had succee

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  • The New England, Southern and Middle Colonies Developed Differently The New England, Southern and Middle Colonies Developed Differently America was a place for dreams and new beginnings, until "white" people arrived in 1607. Three groups sailed over the treacherous Atlantic from their cruel lives in England to set up peaceful religious colonies. The only problem is that they attempted to settle in their own way and all failed dismally. The New England, Middle and Southern Colonies grew different

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  • Romanization Of The Iberian Peninsula Los Efectos de la Romanizaci?n en la Pen?nsula Ib?rica Por el fin del primer siglo, la presencia romana hab?a cambiado el estilo de vida y la cultura de las provincias peninsulares en algas maneras substanciales; el lat?n hab?a reemplazado las lenguas nativas; el sistema patriarcal romano de la organizaci?n social se hab?a adoptado; la econom?a se bas? en el trabajo de esclavo; y el uso de dinero en cambios comerciales hab?a llegado a ser esparcido. Hispana

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  • Oedipus The King In Oedipus the King the knowledge that some characters in the play possess is very crucial in developing the plot. The knowledge in the play is the basic foundation of Oedipus\' future, either to remain as the King of Thebes or to be sentenced to death or exile forever. The ironic outcome of the play is tragic. One mans attempt to escape his unfortunate fate leads him into the hands of what he dreaded the most. Every man is born with a predestined future. No matter how hard you

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  • Interlengua annon The dream of Interlingua-a common language that all the people of the world speak-has long existed in many peoples minds. They and their organizations have for many years tried to push this through, but the odds are still against them. The benefits of a common language on the planet are obvious, language barriers would no longer exist, books and newspapers could be printed in a single international edition distributed worldwide. In order to achieve this however there are plenty

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  • Telemachus And Penelope The disagreement between Telemachus and Penelope arises from differing opinions on the entertainment of Phemius. Phemius is singing the tale of the Greek warriors of Troy and their homecomings when Penelope descends from her chambers to protest this choice of music. She scolds him, and orders him to stop because he has reminded her of Odysseus, who\'s long lost at sea. Telemachus rebukes his mother by protesting that the bard has the right to sing anything he wishes. He

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  • Achilles and the Honor Code Achilles is a tragic figure who believes strongly in social order, but questions the idea of fighting for glory. When Aias and Odysseus are sent by Agamemnon to plead with Achilles\' to fight for the Greeks, Achilles denies them, saying "There was no gratitude given for fighting incessantly forever against your enemies. Fate is the same for the man who holds back, the same if he fights hard" (9:316). This statement shows that Achilles is an individual, and does not co

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  • The Atomic Bomb The Atomic Bomb Albert Einstein predicted that mass could be converted into energy. This was the basis for the atomic bomb. Throughout this research paper, I will trace the history of the atomic bomb. In addition, who was involved and why, what happened in this event, and explain the impact that it had on the world. After Einstein predicted, that mass could be converted into energy. This was confirmed experimentally by John D. Cockcroft and Ernest Walton. “Physicists from 1

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  • Iran-Contra The Iran-Contra affair is not one scandalous incident, but rather two covert operations started under Reagan\'s administration. In the beginning, these two operations were independent of each other, but eventually became linked though funds received from the sale of arms to Iran for hostages and then given to the Contras fighting to overthrow a Marxist government in Nicaragua. The scandal began with Nicaraguan politics. After the Marxist Sandinista regime took over Nicaragua in 1979,

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  • Boston Massacre John Hancock stated ?Let this sad tale of death never be told without a tear; let not the heaving bosom cease to burn with a manly indignation at the barbarous story . . .? during his oration of the massacre on 5 March 1774. The ?Boston Massacre? as it was called, was really not a massacre in the sense that a lot of people were slaughtered, it was a massacre in the sense that British government\'s authority was not to be tolerated. During the next eighteen months, tensions betwee

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  • Africa Africa is the world\'s second-largest continent, the biggest after Asia. It is more than three times the size of the U. States. It also contains more independent nations than any other continent on Earth-55 in all. Africa is centrally located on the Earth\'s surface. It straddles the Equator, extending for thousands of miles north and sough of that line. The continent stands between two major oceans. To the west is the Atlantic Ocean and to the east lies the Indian Ocean. The Mediterranea

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  • Rasputin Rasputin Grigory (or Gregory) Rasputin is without question one of the most sensational figures in Russian history. This mystic from Siberia arrived in St. Petersburg in 1911 and within a few years had become one of the most influential men in government. His ability to remain in such a high position despite widely publicized periods of drinking and womanizing is no doubt, the source of great envy among political figures around the world today. Rasputin\'s rise to power was due to his cl

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  • Deterioration of the American-Soviet Relationship after World War II Deterioration of the American-Soviet Relationship after World War II American and Soviet relations deteriorated in the decade following World War II. The three factors that had the most effect on that relationship were the agreements made at the Yalta Conference, the Korean War, and McCarthyism. The agreements of the Yalta Conference began the deterioration of the American-Soviet relationship. Some of the decisions taken at Yal

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